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The word “Arcology” comes from two words, “ecology” and “architecture.”

The definition of arcology is a city contained under one roof.

Arcology is defined as a human habitat considered ideal for reducing wasteful consumption, eliminating the need for transportation, and preserving the natural surroundings. 

ARC7 has a slightly more robust plan that preserving the environment alone. We add “highest well-being” to “ecology” and “architecture” to create a living and working environment that brings greater well-being to those who live there.

Humans have a deep need to belong.

We must find a way to restore tribal connection in the modern world. We envision ARC7 Arcologies to be operated as a business that pays for the expenses of running the arcology. We plan to organize our arcology as a housing co-op that is owned and operated by those who live there. In so doing, we bring financial well-being to everyone who lives there, eliminating the possibility of homelessness, poverty, or unemployment.

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Restoring tribal connection in the modern world
by building Arcology Housing Co-ops
from the inside out and the bottom up,
online first, then in person,
self-contained and self-sustaining,
nearby and around the world.”


ARC7 Arcology

by Teré Foster

A digital copy of the book ARC7 Arcology is included in the cost of this course. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. Those who complete the course are invited to join the ARC7 Think Tank to plan and design future arcologies.

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