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Business Incubator is a course that brings people together who want to build the collaborative group economy that will sustain the arcology they plan to build together.  The Business Incubator will benefit everyone who wants to build an arcology because every project that this group develops will generate income, and a portion of the proceeds of every project will be set aside to build ARC7.  These group businesses will lay the foundation for the collaborative co-op economy that sustains the arc indefinitely, from concept to completion to maintenance 100 years from now.

The Business Incubator gathers together experts in business, marketing, sales, idea development, fabrication, and manufacturing. They will recruit the expertise that will be needed.  Their goal is to assist members of the arcology to take their unique ideas to the global marketplace successfully.  Members of the Business Incubator will get involved in the early stages of every income project the ARC7 members initiate.  The objective is to help each member be more successful in today’s competitive economy while at the same time supporting the needs of the future arcology by establishing a collaborative group economy.

Artists, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Launch your book. Host your big event. Market your innovative product. Start your company.  But don’t do it alone! Launch yours and help others launch theirs.  This is a co-creative business mentality.  Can you imagine a business incubator that was a co-owned co-op that gathered the profits to do something fantastic?  Can you imagine, instead of a hierarchy where only one person at the top absorbs all the profits, there was a torus of financial energy flowing out and back in, out and back in? If we can imagine it, we can manifest it! This is how we will be able to plan, design and build ARC7 Arcologies of Highest Well-Being nearby and around the world.

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