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Crowdfund an End to Poverty

Learn about our global projects and meet the teams that are changing the world. Learn how you can talk to the team leaders personally through groups, forums, and zoom meetings. Find out how you can help them reach their goals through donations of time, skills, or money. Meet people who want to make a difference.

Crowdfund Compassion Campaign – $5 a month

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When you enroll in this orientation, you will meet the team leaders of many projects. You will learn more about their projects and get personally involved with the people who are working on those projects. You will help crowdfund the end of poverty from your own home. Join our projects that are focused on the least developed countries in the world.

When you complete this orientation you will gain the FUNDER badge. Learn about the many projects you can support on a monthly basis!

Don’t want to do the orientation? That’s okay. Enroll anyway! This will start your monthly crowdfunding. Your enrollment sets up a recurring $5 a month to support projects around the world. Later, when you have time, you can get more involved.

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Crowdfund Compassion Projects

End Poverty through Crowdfunding

When you join a Crowdfund Compassion Project, donations flow in and back out to those in need. We receive in and pour back out in a continuous motion.  Money is energy.  The more donations flow in, the more emotional support we can offer you, our donors through coaching, consulting, and retreats, and the more free courses and coaching can flow back out to those with financial need.

Crowdfund Your Own Compassion Project

Take the Crowdfund Compassion course to learn how you can help other projects and how you can add your own project to our website.

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