Plan a Project

“Project Leader”

When you complete this course you will gain the badge “Project Leader.” That means you are able to submit a proposal and seek funding for your project idea.

Support projects. Plan projects. Lead projects.

As you become familiar with all the possibilities, you can decide which option is best for your unique situation. Which option will satisfy your life purpose? Which option will do the most good based on your limited time, resources, and energy? Is it better to support one of our young social entrepreneurs who has a similar vision as yours? Is it better to have a “hands off” approach? Is it better to do the planning, since that what you do best and then pass the baton to others? Is it best to lead a project from start to finish and have complete control of the outcome?

Help Projects that Eradicate Poverty

Learn about our global projects and meet the teams that are changing the world. Learn how you can talk to the team leaders personally through groups, forums, and zoom meetings. Find out how you can help them reach their goals through donations of time, skills, or money. Meet people who want to make a difference.

Crowdfund – $5 a month

As you complete this orientation, you will meet the team leaders of many projects. You will learn more about their projects. You will have the opportunity to contact them and get personally involved with the people who are working on those projects. You can choose to help crowdfund their projects and help to eradicate poverty in that part of the world.

Get more involved! Help Relieve the Suffering of Others

Our first goal is to offer meaningful work opportunities to people of marginalized populations such as seniors, veterans, disabled, minorities and people from undeveloped countries, by giving them opportunities for online life coaching. You can help us reach this goal.

Our second goal is to crowdfund the projects that our global leaders are doing. After you complete the training, our leaders gather their teams and initiate projects. These projects help everyone on the team as well as serving the community where they live.


Crowdfund Existing Projects

End Poverty through Crowdfunding

When you join a Compassion Project, your donations flow in and back out to those in need. We receive in and pour back out in a continuous motion.  Money is energy.  The more donations flow in, the more we are able to flow back out. We offer emotional support to our donors through coaching, consulting, and retreats. The fees that you pay for this support flows back out in the form of free courses, free coaching, personal grants, and business grants to those in need.

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