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Buy and Sell Using ARC7 Points

This marketplace is an economic innovation that is designed to elevate each person to financial well-being.  It is a contribution center where you can bring what you have to share for the benefit of others.  And they do the same for you.  Post your goods and services in the online marketplace like you would on Ebay or Craig's List, but give people the option to use their points as payment instead of dollars.  Set your price based on the value it would have in the open marketplace.  If it is worth $50 then charge $50, but tick the box that gives the option to use ARC7 points as payment.

How to Earn Points:

-Leave a comment

-Watch a video

-Click on a link

-Complete a lesson

Why do I need points?

Your profile will reflect the points you have earned.

Your points showcase the Highest Well-Being learning and experiences you have had.

Your points highlight the comments you have written, the projects you have worked on, and the knowledge, skills, and behaviors you have demonstrated.

Buy and sell using ARC7 points!

You have a chance to transfer and trade ARC7 points as a tip or as payment for goods and services that other members are offering.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from having some free points to spend?  Invite them to join!

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