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Educated Voices is a course that invites researchers, journalists, bloggers, and youtubers to empower and equip each member of ARC7 with the knowledge they need.  With excellent sources of updated knowledge, we can become the powerful movement we imagine, and nothing will be impossible to us. 

Knowledge is power.  It helps us make the best possible decisions for our lives. Learning doesn’t stop when we graduate.  News and education are one and the same.  We must always stay informed and updated.  With this in mind, our news must be written by credible educators who do their research! 

We are looking for ARC7 members who have a strong voice and who have the talent to communicate well, of course.  But we are also looking for members who are committed to the ARC7 vision to gather the conscious community and inspire them to build arcologies nearby and around the world. We have 7 global concerns that we are focused on and will always need updates on these topics.

Once the ARC7 building projects begin, we will also need talented people to continue to keep us inform of the progress of each project and let us know how we can help. This may require travel if the project is far from where you live. Adding pictures or videos of the project will make it real for us and make our choices to donate come from true information instead of hype and marketing ploys that are impossible to trust.

We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, whatever your topic may be.

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