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Family Business is a course that helps families develop businesses within the structure of an ARC7 Arcology Housing Co-op. In the context of an arcology, members can choose to build a family business or bring an already established business to support the housing co-op. The goals of the business will be to meet the needs of the people who live inside the arcology, to help make the arcology self-sustaining and self-contained, and to bring in enough income to make the arcology economy thrive. Your business will have a built-in client base.

ARC7 offers the opportunity to design a socio-economic governance system that is co-created by its own members. Through a system of family businesses, our goal is to fully utilize the strengths and effectively fulfill the dreams of each member of the arcology.

Our family businesses can reach beyond financial needs, to meet physical needs, emotional needs, social needs and career goals at the same time.  Family businesses can make this happen because the owners of these businesses have autonomy over their decision-making process. They can create mission-driven businesses rather than feel confined to build a business that is focused entirely on the growth of their bottom line.

Family businesses can have nonprofit goals with visions of meeting the needs of people outside the arcology as well. If we focus entirely on the needs of the people inside the arcology, we simply recreate a self-focused lifestyle that does little to nothing to improve the condition of the world. In an ARC7 Arcology we can choose to support nonprofit businesses, which adds a new dimension to our sense of connection with the world and all humanity.

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