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Conscious Social Network Meetups

ARC7 meetups create interesting and exciting ways to meet people in the conscious community of common age groups and interests by sharing positive goals and important social meetups online.

Social Distancing can’t go on forever. There will be a time when we resume our social gatherings. But in the meantime, we can gather online for social network meetups hosted by

Meet and Chat Online

Find out how to meet conscious singles online by joining a social meetup at We all need greater connection with others. ARC7 Meetups teach the rising generation to reach for highest well-being by living healthy lifestyles, by focusing on interesting new objectives, and knowing what to look for in a mate.

Create a Conscious Meetup

ARC7 Meetups is where to meet single people your age from the conscious community (without going to a bar!) You are invited to join various groups that are already meeting or form a new group that can make a difference in the lives of others. Our courses teach you what to look for in a life partner and how to find your soul mate. Conscious dating means that you will finally be able to find people who match your conscious values.

Loneliness is an epidemic in modern society including elderly, teens, and young adults. Feeling lonely contributes to increased use of alcohol and drugs, and symptoms of complex PTSD. COVID 19 social distancing adds to our loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues. Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of lonely people by joining a Meetup at

Meet conscious singles while you fulfill your life purpose. Would you like to volunteer as an ARC7 Life Coach? Would you like to be better equipped to meet the challenges of your own life, too? It starts first by healing your own heart and mind, and finding your true purpose.

In other words, we walk with you until you can walk with others. We teach you until you are able to teach others. We believe in you until you can believe in others. We support you as you support others in the conscious community.

By educating people what to look for in a mate, we will shift the world towards highest well-being and healthy relationships!

Meet Quality People

We invite you to become comfortable being single. Put your energy towards fantastic goals that will put you in a wonderful mood instead of looking for love in all the wrong places. If you meet someone along the way who is working on ARC7 projects with you, you already know they have a heart to change the world in a positive way. When you meet through ARC7 meetups everyone has been screened and sifted before you even see them. We hope to scare off all the mean people with our prerequisite courses! So much talk about love and caring for others will send them running the other direction!


Learn How to Meet Conscious People and
Make a Difference at the Same Time

Get certified in under 90 days. Go at your own pace. It’s all up to you!
Lead ARC7 meetups and also do one-to-one lifestyle coaching.

Join Us Any Day of the Week

– Enjoy social conversation.
– Celebrate milestones.
– Contribute high energy.

We Award Points!

Once you enroll in one of our courses, we award points for everything you do.  You can spend your points on courses and coaching to get ARC7 certifications for free!

We Award Points for:

—-taking a course
—-completing a lesson
—-completing an assessment
—-visiting the site
—-clicking on buttons
—-watching a video
—-leaving a comment

WARNING: If you are not logged in while you explore our site, you will not gain any points.

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