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Home organization is one thing we all have in common.  We can’t avoid it.  But when we face it head on with a motivating group plan, it becomes an enjoyable part of daily living.  If good habits were not instilled at the appropriate age as we were growing up, then the most basic chores become a nightmare. When chores get too far ahead of us the sense of defeat can lead to depression.

This course will help to calm that trigger of avoidance and instill a new mindset that will change the way we look at daily organization. Participation will give you the opportunity to re-parent yourself in regards to housekeeping.

When you get your own living space and work space organized, you can help others to do the same. You can organize a support group that will help others get their lives organized. Each person in the group will set small organizational goals and work to achieve them by the next time you meet as a group. The group offers a little accountability and a lot of compassion because they are all in the same situation.

Each time your group meets, the group meeting can rotate to a different group member’s home. There will always be something the group can do to bring love and light to the situation. When we know company is coming to visit, we suddenly have the motivation to clean house.

Stay-at-home adults will especially enjoy this group project.  No matter what their reason is for staying home during the day, lack of organization becomes an issue.

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