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A-R-C 7 …. components of our learning program:

A: Ascend (spirit)
Redesign (mind)
Connect (body)
Seven Dimensions of Life

A- Ascend

Awakening Ascension

We are the Sleeping Giant that is awakening. We are the Conscious Community.  We reach for HIGHEST WELL-BEING and GLOBAL WELL-BEING at the same time, because they are one and the same.  Join us as we ascend to the highest version of ourselves.  Join us to find solutions for our top global concerns. Join “the gathering” as we reach together for personal ascension that will change the world.   If not us, then who? 

R- Rethink

Designing Our Own American Dream

Einstein said we can’t find solutions with the same level of thinking that created them.  We have to change our mindset, our habits, and our vision for our lives. This course will help you combine your job, your career, your unique gifts, and your life purpose, into one opportunity to serve humanity.  Together we redesign the American Dream with exciting ways to improve financial well-being and have social compassion at the same time.

C- Connect

Compassionate Connection

Feeling connected to real people in the real world is a crucial part of our well-being. We can’t do it alone! ARC7.org offers live teachers and coaches who are here to guide you through our courses.  These are members of your new tribe! They can provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability for you. They can help you stay on track with the goals you set for yourself.  Why? Because that’s what they were born to do!  They long for connection just like you do and for a chance to make a difference in another person’s life. Soon you will provide the same for others if you have a desire to assist.

7- Seven Dimensions of Life

Balancing all seven dimensions of life is the foundation of highest well-being. We base all of our courses on these seven dimensions.







Ascension Brings Faster Healing and Greater Achievement

“Heal, and lead others to heal,” is our motto.  We are here to awaken, challenge, motivate, and gamify your ascension.  Then we will encourage you to lead others to do the same. None of us will ever reach perfection. We can be there for each other without feeling pressure to be “better” than those we lead. We are all in this together. We all fail. We all get back up again.

Each ARC7 course you take brings you closer to highest well-being.  This is when you will have the greatest possible impact on the world. We believe that when you reach for highest well-being you will also reach your greatest achievement. 

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