Healing a Toxic Male

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Empowering Men to Empower Others

This course prepares those who are:

  • Raising a family
  • Planning marriage
  • College students
  • High school students
  • Children

We believe these skills should also be taught in:

  • Jails
  • Juvenile halls
  • Rehabs
  • Domestic Violence Programs

If we truly want troubled individuals to be restored and become a benefit to society, we must provide a new path for them to take.

Have you been accused of being a toxic male? 

Have you lost close relationships or job opportunities because they complained that you didn’t care or treat people right?

If you have been accused of being a toxic male there is a sure fire way you can prove everyone wrong. Take this course! There is no way a toxic male would ever take this course.  At the end of the course we will certify you as an “Evolving Male.”

We feel compassion for the toxic male because the old-school image of “macho masculine” that you worked so hard to achieve has suddenly become obsolete as the world evolves to higher understanding.  Will you change in time to enjoy the benefits of being a highly evolved male?  Will you be a leader in the male evolution or will you choose to drag your feet the whole way? Will you fight to stay the same, or win back the love and respect that you have lost.

This course will be much harder than you think. If you are able to take this rigorous look at the role of dominant males in the workplace, in the home, and in the world, it will be like a bandage that you have to rip off fast.  Most of you will probably quit the course or think you already know what it has to say.

If you are able to tolerate the excruciating pain (remember, no pain, no gain) and then see the value of opening your heart and being vulnerable–the two agonizing things you have always avoided, you can become an Evolving Male.

This course will remind you how to bring Highest Well-Being to those around you.  It will then show you how toxic masculinity is literally obstruction of well-being.  In fact, the well-being of all humanity has been interrupted by the toxic male mindset of domination and control.  This mindset is not your fault.  You didn’t invent it.  You are a victim of it.  It was put upon you from the time you were born and it blocks any possibility of you reaching highest well-being. The people who are closest to you will naturally back away from you because you are not a safe person to be around. You will never experience the love and connection you secretly crave until something inside you shift to a more conscious mindset.

Interrupting any mindset is difficult, even in the best of circumstances, but the toxic male, alpha/beta mindset of domination and control, seems to be the most difficult of all to change.  The mindset of domination and control is so ingrained from such an early age that many males don’t even realize they are doing it. Some people naturally submit to people who are stronger, which emboldens you to dominate them.  It just happens. But it’s not the path to highest well-being.  It causes them pain, and eventually causes you pain when they back away from you.

To interrupt the cycle of domination and control, whether on a global scale or in your close personal relationships, an intervention is required.  Perhaps this course is the intervention that is needed. Or at least it will open the door to a new path.  But it will take a dramatic commitment from you, the one who has been accused of being a toxic male.  No one can force you to be more conscious of others.  Only you can decide if you will evolve or stay the same.  You are in complete control of your future.

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Cooperation, Not Competition

Healing a Toxic Male helps to elevate the energy of the planet by elevating the energy within your own heart first.

We believe that to make real changes in the future of planet Earth we must re-think our plan for training the rising generation of young boys and girls.  The most important skill for highest well-being and global well-being is learning to empower others.  We believe that families must develop a strong and peaceful “nest” where the rising generation can reach their highest spiritual potential.  We must teach each member of the family individually how to treat one another, even babies and toddlers.

Everyone Can Benefit From Compassion Training

We offer this course to teach parents how to teach their children the path to highest well-being. We hope parents will teach their children these crucial skills before they become teenagers. Teens and young adults can take this course before they become parents and perhaps avoid making the mistake of marrying someone with an alpha/beta mindset.  In this way, we hope to interrupt the cycle of PTSD in the personal lives of each individual on earth. First by teaching about it and bringing awareness to old paradigms that no longer serve us. Then in the next course, Healing Global PTSD, we focus on heal the wounds of those who have already been damaged by the neglect, stress, and trauma of a society based on domination and control.

Alpha Males who enroll in this course will have an opportunity to expand their mind to a brand new paradigm and experience a shift towards the highest version of themselves, learning the process of empowering and assisting through heroism, the opposite of domination and control.

Beta Males who enroll will be encouraged to stand with powerful integrity to prevent the alpha male from dominating them or those around them.

Alpha/Beta Couples who enroll will have an opportunity to reshape their relationships to be one of mutual respect, free from power struggles.

Victims of a Toxic Male who enroll will become painfully aware that your abuse had nothing to do with you.  Toxic males damage others.  End of story.

Fathers who enroll will be given the tools to equip their children early in life to to interrupt the cycle of domination and control that serves self and harms others, and replace it with loving kindness that empowers others.

Mothers who enroll will be equipped to teach their little boys how to respect them and empower others.  Mothers hold the key and the perfect remedy for the generational the stress and trauma that we pass down through relationships of domination and control.  To cure Global PTSD and experience world peace and abundance for all, we must teach our little boys how to empower others and bring greater well-being to their family members, friends and loved ones, their school mates, co-workers, their communities, and all humanity.

Teens and young adults who enroll will gain awareness of the damage caused by alpha/beta relationships and have the opportunity to heal their own triggers before they get into long term relationships and pass their old school mindsets down to their children. It is our hope that our courses will become a standard preparation for adulthood and that young people will refuse to marry anyone who is not yet certified.

Employers who enroll will be given the tools to empower their employees to be more engaged and productive, by converting their hierarchies to holacracies.

Sacred Human Evolution Leads the Way to Global Well-Being!

Never too young.

Never too old to learn how to LOVE.

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