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Follow the Path to Ascension

A-R-C 7 program components:


A: Ascend (spirit)

R: Relax (mind)

C: Connect (body)

7: Dimensions

A- Ascend

ASCEND means to stop any negative emotions from dragging us down. It means to ASK ourselves, “What is the highest and best way to feel right now?” When we are under stress we must learn how to ASCEND. This course will help you learn how to search for the highest and best in every new situation.

R- Relax

Relax your mind. Breathe deep. Take time out to stop thinking. Einstein said we can’t find solutions with the same level of thinking that created them.  We have to change our mindset, our habits, and our vision for our lives. This course will help you relax into a new way of living. When we think too much about every little thing it can cause stress and illness. Breathe deep and relax…..

C- Connect

Connect with the Conscious Community.  We are the Sleeping Giant that is awakening. Connect with us as we ascend to the highest version of ourselves.  Connect with us to find solutions for our top global concerns. Connect with as we join “the gathering.” Connect with people who want to heal the world.  Let everyone else go.

7- Dimensions

The “7” in ARC7 stands for the Seven Dimensions of Life. We base all of our courses on these seven dimensions that are loosely associated with the seven chakras. Our collection of videos will provide more than enough insight and knowledge to improve your life in all seven dimensions. Jump in and get started!



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