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ARC7 Think Tank

Advanced Social Living

From Global Warming to Global Well-Being!

We plan to have an impact on global warming by changing the way we think about communities. We believe our community plan will solve many issues at the same time including poverty, healthcare, education, life purpose development, inequality, and sustainability.

We like to call it
“Sacred Human Evolution”

Humans have a deep need to belong. Social Living redefines the American Dream from single-family dwellings to social living through financial collaboration.

Social Living Housing Co-op

A social living cooperative—or coop—is a housing co-op option that offers people from all walks of life a unique opportunity to live, work, and raise a family in a social environment.

Our research investigates a plan for home ownership, independence, and social interaction without the maintenance, chores, and expenses of single-home ownership. Residents purchase a share of the community and also have a say in how the community operates.

People who choose this lifestyle believe that the single-family-dwelling prevents the connection that humans crave while a social living cooperative facilitates tribal connection in the modern world. We believe that social living leads to highest well-being, and highest well-being leads to global well-being.


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