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When you complete this course you will gain the badge of “GUIDE.” This means that you will be able to guide our members through the courses and help them develop their life purpose.

Personalized Attention

Normally one-to-one life coaching and mentoring is reserved for the wealthy.

Imagine if everyone had access to powerful support, rich or poor! Single mothers, the unemployed, and others with financial limitations can have life-transforming access to individualized attention, encouragement, and learning. This training will train you how to help them become financially stable and emotionally resilient. We teach you how to coach and support startup businesses in developing nations. Like tech support for the soul!

Mentor, Guru, Spiritual Guide

We all need love and attention! Feeling connected to real people in the real world is a crucial part of our well-being. We can’t do it alone! offers teachers and coaches an ONBOARDING process that will give you a new way of utilizing your skills. 

As a guide you can be there to provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability. You can help your clients stay on track with the goals they set. 

Why? Because that’s what you were born to do! 

Life Coaches, Teachers, and Influencers


We require all of our teachers, coaches, and staff to go through the TEAM LEADER TRAINING. We hire from the pool of members who have completed all seven steps.

The TEAM LEADER TRAINING will help us co-create an environment of highest well-being for those you guide. If you are a gifted teacher, coach, or leader, please complete the TEAM LEADER TRAINING, LEVELs 1 to 7, so you can become an Online Coach for

You long for connection just like your clients do. You want a chance to make a difference in another person’s life.  Soon you will teach them to do the same for others. Life is so much better when we have people who are willing to walk through it with us!

We believe that human connection leads to highest well-being. Our objective is to create tribal connection in the modern world. This is difficult during COVID social distancing, a competitive work environment, and today’s “me” centered lifestyle. You can make a difference just by caring about the ARC7 members that you will guide.

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