Party when COVID Ends!!!

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Practice with the World !

Practice the music for flash mob events. When COVID is over we intend to celebrate! We intend to perform in public places around the world. Would you like to join us for flash mob celebrations? It will be a surprise to everyone watching!

Learn with the World!

Watch this video every day and exercise to the music. When COVID is over, we can finally come together! We will be well rehearsed and ready to jump in! Sing, play instruments, dance or whatever you feel !

Exercise with the World !

During lockdown, it is hard to get any exercise! This lesson provides music and video instruction to help you keep yourself healthy and fit. This is the same music we plan to use when we gather for flash mobs.

Share with the World!

We encourage our members to post videos showing their progress as they learn the dance moves or sing the song their own way. We believe we will uncover tons of blooming talent around the world.

Flash Mob with the World!

Our efforts as a global flash mob will raise funds for projects that will put an end to poverty, inequality, and many other global issues.


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