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Learn how to offer support that will lift people up during each phase of theirs lives.  Everyone goes through the same challenges during each stage of life:

Single Adult
Long-Term Relationships
Multi-Generational Families

In every stage there is a new set of skills to master.  We will teach you how to offer workbooks that will shorten the learning curve, help with life transitions, and reshape relationships that have become challenging.

Our relationships formed when we didn’t have the benefit of workbooks or support groups.  It is easy for relationships to become toxic if all parties are not committed to creating an environment of highest well-being or don’t know how to create such an environment.

This course will teach you how to empower families to co-create an environment of highest well-being.  Your group will empower individuals and families to have healthy, happy relationships.

The group will be especially effective for those who have not yet entered marriage and family, as they will have a chance to learn how to shape relationships long before making lifetime commitments or bringing children into the world.  The younger the better! Don’t put the kids in childcare, make them your focus. You will have the privilege of watching improvements naturally occur in each relationship as you teach these relational skills to the youngest members of your group.  Everyone will benefit from the information being spelled out in a way that even a child can understand. When they run out of attention span, you can have things for them to do while the older members of the group discuss the concepts on a deeper level.

With children present, the group will not be tempted to become a group therapy session or spin in a negative direction. The topic of each group will be clear and the meeting will be short and sweet, with milk and cookies at the end.

Become a leader of a support group that will lift you up during each phase of your life.

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