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Bringing it together. Standing for Religious Freedom. Understanding the Power of Oneness.


The One Infinite Creator

"Ask and ye shall receive" through prayer, humility, and spiritual cleansing.



The Quantum Energy Field

Scientific studies tell us that through the power of intention we can influence the energetic field that surrounds us.

Modern Spirituality

Your Higher Self

People who believe in a higher self often believe find meditation can unblock the energy centers and draw the things you desire.

Acient and Modern Spiritual Practices

Alliance is that beautiful place of peace that refuses to focus on the differences, but rather accepts the commonalities in all beliefs.  This spiritual alliance will bring strength in numbers.  But as long as the spiritual people of the world remain divided, other forces are allowed to rule the earth because they have the numbers on their side.

What do modern beliefs, ancient beliefs, and new scientific studies have in common?  They all believe that there is a source of POWER that is beyond what we perceive with our five senses and that POWER is available to us through our focused attention on the dimensions beyond our own senses.

Spiritual Alliance

Spiritual Alliance is a course for leaders who are compelled to bring people of all beliefs into oneness and friendship for the purposes of building ARC7 Relief Centers around the world.  Alliance leads to unity, commonality, and cooperation. We believe that no matter where you fall in the spiritual, cultural, or ideological spectrum, there is always a way to find commonality with others who don't agree with you.  Our training teaches how to measure the content of a person’s character, refusing to judge others by their religious, cultural, or political affiliation, standing strong for freedom of thought, freedom of creative expression, and freedom of religion. All else is oppression, which negatively impacts our well-being, creativity, and achievement.