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WANTED: People Who are Serious About Food

This course is for people who are serious about healthy, sustainably sourced food.  Food for Well-Being is dedicated to teaching how to produce food products that will help our members “Eat Right Over Night.”  Those who get involved will help to grow, process, package and deliver food products to ARC7 members in their local areas.  We provide the training, the menu, and the recipes.  You provide the time and energy.  Together we help shift the world in a healthy direction.

We will set out to create a closed-loop system, growing 7 varieties of beans that will go into the packets of Food for Well-Being.  There is a great need for healthy meals to be delivered such as busy families, patients who have to change their diets, shut-ins, college students, and others.  Everyone can benefit from food products that are free from all additives, preservatives, GMOs, sugar, corn syrup, and all the other things that fast food is known for, but also fast and easy to cook.

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