Arc 7 Develops Life Purpose

In an arcology of well-being we no longer have jobs that are defined by what we do, but why we do it and for what purpose.  When a teacher, for example, is asked what she does for a living she would answer, “I’m a teacher.”  However, in an arcology of well-being we are trained to see the work we do as our life purpose. We don’t define our jobs by the tasks we complete, but by the purpose for which we do it.  So ask one of our teachers what they do for a living and she will respond something like this: “I help people learn. I help them discover their strengths and help to develop them.  I help them find their purpose on the earth, a purpose that has the greatest impact on the greatest need for mankind.

What about jobs that are more down to earth such as a trash collector for the community.  He would describe his job like this: “I see to it that there is no waste in our community.  I make sure that everyone in the community respects our resources and uses them wisely by dividing their items into bins for recycling and biomass conversion.  I recycle and convert every little scrap into something that betters the community.  There is no such word as waste in our community.”

A third example of a job in the community might be the mayor.  How would she describe her job in an arcology of well-being? Perhaps she would say, “I see to it that each member of my community is experiencing well-being. I find talented people to create support systems for all 7 levels.  I help the members of the community form co-ops to meet basic needs and assist them as they manage these programs.  I make sure that every business is profitable and is bringing income into the community.  I make sure that the profits are dispersed to every member of the community, myself included, in equal portions through worker co-ops.”

Everyone that plans to live and work in an arcology of well-being must work with a Think Tank to create his or her Contribution Agreement.  Life Purpose Careers are completely different than "getting a job".  The primary difference is the final objective is well-being for the individual, the community and the world simultaneously. Education is the key to developing a life purpose that will bring ultimate Career Well-Being.  Find a career that utilizes your strengths and gives your life meaning. Acquire the education needed to develop your strengths. Teach your children to do the same.


What would you consider to be your current life purpose?

Would you choose the same career if you were to join a community of well-being?

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