Diet-Related Lies

I believe with consciousness comes responsibility to help others’ eyes to be opened.  For this reason I have set up this cookbook and the website with materials and presentations that will help with that process. We have 100 home-made videos demonstrating how to plant, harvest, prepare, and cook whole foods.  Many people are using these resources to make a difference in their circle of influence.

One thing we need to know about today’s campaign against certain food groups is that we are omnivores.  We are able to eat anything and still survive.  The idea that we have to cut out huge parts of the food groups is not as enlightened as it sounds.  Don’t eat carbs.  Don’t eat dairy.  Don’t eat grains. Don’t eat gluten.  Don’t eat soy.  What can we eat?

It is true that milk is unable to be digested by millions of people in this country, but the reason can’t be blamed on “dairy”. Today’s milk products are not the same substance that it was when our grandparents drank milk from the cow.  The milk today has been de-natured and is full of toxic substances that cause allergies.  Is milk the problem, or the method of mass-production?  Soy products are causing problems today while civilizations have lived on soy for thousands of years.  Why?  Because they have been genetically modified and are processed into isolated substances separated from the whole bean. Peanuts are causing such horrific reactions because they are drowning in pesticides. Allergic reactions to today’s foods have steadily increased into an epidemic.

Wheat has gotten a “bum rap” over the years as more and more people are experiencing allergic reactions to the products found on the shelves of the grocery stores made from wheat.  But this is not the wheat products that our ancestors consumed that gave them the strength to plow fields, chop wood and lift bales of hay. When wheat has been genetically modified, processed, stripped of its nutrients, bleached, ground into flour and baked into products high in sugar and salt it no longer has any of the life-giving properties of the “staff of life.”

Foods made from white flour are consumed in great quantities by masses of people on the Earth who limply rely upon the food industry to hand them their meals on a silver platter. They don’t have to think.  They don’t have to know how to produce.  They just eat and eat and eat! Is it any wonder that our country is producing overweight people, irritable, low-energy, of lower intelligence, full of cancers, arthritis and heart disease with less ability to reproduce strong healthy offspring?  Will the “angel of death” spoken of in scripture “pass over” people who hand over fist consume foods that have been perverted in this way? Some people believe that sin is a concept that only applies to the behaviors that break the laws in the 10 commandments, but what about the behaviors that break the laws of nature?

Healing power is hidden in the wheat berry. All the potential to create life is packed into every seed. It remains dormant and lifeless until it is touched with pure, life-producing water. It then bursts with living, edible, miraculous regeneration.  Many people have been given back their precious gift of health through the healing power of wheat and wheat grass in its purest form, while millions have instead been robbed of health by the inferior products created from the dormant seed, bleached and stripped. We are intelligent people.  We can figure this out and make the right decisions for our families.

Wheat, 10 to 14 days after planting, produces a tender grass that contains the entire range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients that the human body requires.  The juice from this grass will be our source of survival during food shortages and difficult times.  According to scripture, eating the grain of wheat (the “staff of life”) will also cause us to have better understanding about the complex and confusing things going on around us.  It will also help us to see the snares and the traps set for us by “conspiring men in the latter days.” One of the biggest snares ever perpetrated against mankind is the readily accepted practice of taking the “staff of life” provided by Mother Earth and turning it into “the source of death and disease.”  We accept this manufacturing “tradition” and knowingly participate in it.

As we nourish our cells with the highest forms of nutrition available to us, the capacity of our bodies, minds and spirits produce the greatest possible fruit. Do we have a right to do any less than the highest and best with the gift of life that has been given to us? Wheat berries, after just a few days of sprouting, can produce a variety of foods including sprouted breads, cookies, sprouted pizza, desserts, rejuvelac, sprouted wheat germ, and wheat milk. Wheatgrass juice can be applied to eyes, ears, and nose and brings natural healing benefits to all possible ailments. If you are ever without other herbs, essential oils, or other healing remedies, wheat berries make up a complete first aid kit that Mother Earth has given us. You can even use the wheat grass pulp to help heal external wounds, blemishes, rashes, and bruises.

Animal products are another example of foods that have gotten a “bum rap”.  Vegan vegetarians are correct in avoiding the products found in the grocery store, and absolutely correct in choosing not to kill a living creature when there are plenty of other choices to consume.  The disrespectful and inhumane way that the meat and dairy industry brings food to the masses is gut wrenching and stomach turning.  In all the centuries before us, we only killed to stay alive.  But now we provide the meat and dairy industry with an insatiable appetite that justifies their practices.  The meats are shot with antibiotics because the conditions are so unsanitary that the likelihood of disease is constantly present.  The feed used to fatten the animals are as unhealthy for the animals’ bodies as the feed they provide for us at the grocery store is for ours.

If you picked out the biggest, fattest man on the street, with pimples and sweaty palms, you have the equivalent in cows, pigs and chickens in the meat department of your grocer.  But that’s not enough to satisfy the greed of the manufactures.  They then take that fat, unhealthy creature and ask how they could make him produce even more meat.  They came up with hormone shots that cause weight gain at a faster rate.  Picture this in human beings and you have the five hundred pound man that can’t walk and has so much strain on his heart that he will die at any moment.  Mmmm. Yummy.  Give me a burger of that!

Since this specimen is not long for this world anyway, it’s best to put him “out of sight-out of mind” so the scene won’t bother our appetites, where he will not be able to move from his spot and therefore must eliminate right where he is. Yes it is very unsanitary, but we have amazing medical breakthroughs called antibiotics that prevent most diseases, so it’s okay.  They don’t complain much.  But wait, that’s not enough weight gain.  We could get more poundage if we got them to eat more, but they won’t.  So we have brilliant scientists who came up with the idea of a feeding tube down the throat.  They don’t have to want it, you just do it to them.  They don’t have much strength to fight it, so it works very well.

Now that we have walked through the most horrific scene of torture that we could possibly imagine, can we truly order that double cheese burger or that order of chicken wings, lunch meats, steak and pork chops without admitting that we are the reason for it all?  We buy the product.  That’s all there is.  Without that constant drive to produce more and more meat and dairy for every meal for every man, woman and child in every home in America and other “civilized” nations, there would be no reason for this sin to continue.  This is the sin that will bring damnation to our world.  All other sins in the average household pale in comparison.

The “conscious” person understands that negative energy causes illness and disease as much as any factor.  How much negative energy is in our food if the sources of all meat and dairy are coming from animals that are being treated in this manner?  It boggles my mind to think of how much negative energy is being sent into the environment of planet earth from the hearts and minds of these tortured fellow beings. Do we really think we can escape such negative energy without it returning upon us?


A Conscious Solution

We can do something.  We can stop buying any and all meat and dairy from the grocery stores and the endless array of restaurants offering these products in varieties that tantalize the senses and get our salivary glands juicing.  I can’t be part of such a system.  I refuse.

The only answer I have is to produce my own groceries as mankind has always have done for generations of time. I choose to keep my own chickens in my own back yard, and give them names so that no one will be tempted to eat our pets!  I want to have a friendly family milk cow named “Betsy” that gives and gives, with very little needs of her own.  All she needs is a patch of grass and she is good to go.

We have been taught in the last 50 years that animals are smelly, dirty, and low class.  People of higher class would not involve themselves with such activities as petting farm animals. They carry disease!  Icky Pooh!   But the truth is, everything about farm animals is positive, healthy and happy—being near them, feeling their warmth, allowing them to be part of our every-day lives, fertilizing our ground as they go along, mowing our lawn or pecking up all the bugs that would damage the fruit in the garden.  Products from these natural resources in our own backyard actually build health and well-being rather than diminish it.  Animals and their products are not the problem as vegan vegetarians often believe.  The problem is allowing others to do the production for us, because they don’t do it with the love and care that we would do for ourselves.  They can’t possibly because of the sheer numbers.  If they have to make enough food for everyone, they have to do it the way they are doing it now.  The only answer is to bring food production back into our own lives and solve many problems at once.

Coming to this conclusion, I determined that I would stop buying any and all animal products from the grocery store.  I would make them myself or find someone who make them with their own labors.  I love cheese.  I love ice cream.  I love eggs once a week.  I need eggs for the properties they bring to baking.  I have learned to live without meat, by replacing it with Mega-Meat.  These are my conclusions and my efforts to live in a world with a food industry that is so corrupted.  Some people think I am crazy trying to raise chickens in an suburban environment, but I don’t have time to elaborate on my reasons.  I just smile and feel proud of my decisions.

I plan to grow my own grains and soy, and raise my own animals.  I plan to find others who will do this with me so that I don’t have more work than I am capable of doing. I plan to get a cow and board it locally just as people board a horse.  I want to share the responsibilities of caring, feeding and milking with a community of like-minded people.  If the cow has to be milked twice a day, seven days a week, then I plan to involve a community of 14 families who would each milk and feed the cow once a week.  The amount of milk they get from their milking is theirs.  Many elderly people will tell you that they grew up milking cows.  It used to be part of everyday life.  There was a cow in every back yard.  Now yards have gotten smaller and smaller and zoning

has made laws to prevent you from owning a cow. I believe it is all part of a greater problem of being forced to be dependent. I believe owning a cow will be an important step in empowering self-reliance among my friends.

To experiment, I fenced off a small area in a shady corner of the yard where we gardened and got three chickens about half grown. In a few months we had more eggs than we could keep up with.  The propaganda we have been fed is making us believe that animals are “dirty” and “smelly” and “undesirable”.  It may be true if you cage an animal in too small of an area, but if an animal is allowed to roam free in enough space, their droppings go back to the earth in a short amount of time, making the land more fertile.

We found that raising three chickens is equivalent to the cost and effort of raising a dog, but a lot more profitable.  Our three chickens each laid one egg a day, so at the end of each week we had 21 eggs.  Most families buy a dozen eggs every week. We grew very attached to our chicken pets and would never consider eating them for meat.  The eggs were more than enough to get from our chicken venture.

Part of the time we kept the chickens on our balcony because we had no land to put them on.  I made a cube shape with PVC pipe and bought some bird netting to drape over it.  It worked perfectly and was very light and portable.  I brought them to a grassy area next to our house where they could eat bugs and grass.

When they got muddy or dirty, we bathed them like we would bathe a baby in the bath tub.  They cooperated and let my little boy dry them off with a towel.  We absolutely loved every minute. When summer came and the balcony became blazing hot, we had to find a permanent home for them at a ranch outside of town. Some day we hope to own chickens again

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