Dietary “Sins”

Processed foods are consumed in great quantities by masses of people on the Earth who limply rely upon the food industry to hand them their meals on a silver platter. They don’t have to think. They don’t have to know how to produce. They just eat and eat and eat!  Is it any wonder that our country is producing overweight people, irritable, low-energy, of lower intelligence, full of cancers, arthritis and heart disease with less ability to reproduce strong healthy offspring? Will the “angel of death” spoken of in the ancient scriptures “pass over” people who consume foods hand over fist that have been perverted in this way? “Sin” is much more than simply breaking the 10 commandments. What about breaking the laws of nature?

Today’s media misleads us every day to believe that their product is the best, their product is healthy, and their product is the one thing we can’t live without. As I become “conscious” of these advertising scams it became second nature for me to talk back to the advertisement in my own minds saying, “Yah, right! We know the truth. Nothing you say is true.” When our eyes are opened to the manipulation of certain marketing campaigns from the food industry we are finally able to see through it all.

If we remember that we are omnivores we will understand that humans are able to eat anything and still survive. Just look around you and see the poor quality of products that many consume on a daily basis; soda, sweets, chips, TV dinners, and the list goes on and on, yet they still live and work and function.  The consequences are so delayed that many deceived consumers cannot see the relationship between their choices at the grocery store and their low energy, their obesity and their increasing number of trips to the physician.

I believe with consciousness comes responsibility to help others eyes to be opened. For this reason I have set up this cookbook series and the website with materials and presentations that will help with that goal. We have home videos demonstrating how to plant, harvest, store, organize, prepare, and cook whole foods. Many people are using these resources to make a difference in their own circle of influence.


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