When your ability to survive is impaired…

We estimate that the ability to survive is impaired for about 25% of the general population.

Taking care of ourselves is severely limited by a wide spectrum of disabilities.  ARC7.org is committed to finding resources and to connect these resources with the individuals who need them most;

disabled veterans,
people in wheelchairs or who walk with canes,
people who are blind or deaf,
people who have developmental disabilities,
people who have chronic pain or mental illness,
and people who are plagued by addictions. 

Many of these disabilities are invisible, such pain or mental illness, yet they impact our ability to survive just as much as any other disability.

Categories of Disabilities

  1. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
  2. Deafness (deaf and hard of hearing)
  3. Blindness (blind and visually impaired) (VIPs– Visually)
  4. Physical Disabilities
  5. Chronic Pain
  6. Substance Use
  7. Mental Health

Working Together

These limitations impact our ability to survive and thrive. But we don’t have to struggle alone!  There is only one way for the disability community to rise up out of “survival mode.” We must gather and work together for the common good.  Through oneness of purpose we can work together to overcome whatever comes to limit or block the ability to survive and thrive. We are often gifted and talented people with much to offer the general population if we were given the opportunity.  Unfortunately, the mainstream world is not designed to accommodate people with disabilities. Too often people with disabilities are targeted with a stigma, and we seldom have the privilege of sharing our gifts with the world.

Oneness is the Key

No matter what comes to you in this life to limit your abilities or slow your progress, we can work together to overcome it, through oneness of purpose.  Many challenges come against us. Every person on planet earth is facing global challenges such as pollution, corruption, and climate change. Some limitations impact large populations, interfering with their ability to survive, such as racial or gender bias.  But physical disabilities befall one person at a time, making our world a very lonely place, full of able-bodied people who don’t understand. They often have little patience for people who can’t keep up with the competitive life they live. This makes life very difficult.

ARC7 teaches the need to gather and work together for the common good.  We must celebrate our ABILITIES rather than focus on our limitations.  And find others who will gather with us. We must find what we can do to contribute and be proud of that. We can reach for highest well-being together.

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