Domination Skills:

The evil aliens counteracted the coping skills that the spiritual guides taught us.  At an early age, the aliens instilled fear and anxiety in each human heart.  Separated from the tribe and the family, they felt powerless and alone.  The aliens gave them a false sense of power by teaching them the dark arts of domination. 

They created hierarchies of force, motivating them with a “carrot” and a “stick” like a beast of burden. Cooperation and collaboration are the two things the aliens fear the most because they know that strength in numbers can overpower their evil armies.  They have set up hierarchies wherever humans go to eliminate any possibility of bonding cooperation. 

Hierarchies are systems of domination and control.

1. They set up hierarchies in the world using war and bloodshed to define borders.

2. They set up hierarchies in the governance system that only allowed the most corrupt to advance into leadership.

3. They set up hierarchies in the workplace using corporate politics to prevent healthy collaboration or friendships.

4. They set up competition between companies, eliminating the tribe that naturally wants to work together for the common good.

5. They set up hierarchies in the higher education system to create a feeder system into their corporate domination.

6. They taught children at an early age not to help each other, calling it “cheating”. They made sure that every child was kept busy with busy work all day long so they couldn’t run free or use their imagination. The aliens know that the power of imagination was how the benevolent spiritual guides make contact with the humans.

A few humans thrived in that dark game (less than 1%) and were able to dominate the entire planet by inflicting pain and suffering on everyone they encountered. Using human against human, they pushed each person on earth into a state of “survival mode.”  They knew as long as each person was under stress they would not be able to think clearly enough to develop their piece of the puzzle.  They would never be able to stand up against the evil plans of the aliens.

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