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Teré Foster


My name is Teré Foster, Founder of ARC7 for Global Well-Being, an Umbrella Nonprofit Organization for cooperative living systems. We received our 501c3 status with the IRS in May of 2021.  I’m encouraged to see that so many are open to our new and innovative solutions.  

ARC7 is a cost-effective, scalable, innovative solution to seven complex problems in one plan. The plan protects natural resources, improves food production, promotes public health, provides housing and jobs under one roof.  ARC7: Apartment Resource Complex with 7 Centers.

Our focus is to educate and assist leaders in developing nations to form resource co-ops that will build ARC7 in their local areas. We start by offering an online course for vision development that walks each leader through a process of team building with people from their communities. We intend to employ each of these leaders to focus on building ARC7 from the inside out and the ground up. In so doing, they will provide missing infrastructure in their local communities. The final result will be a human habitat that is self-contained, self-sustaining, and self-supporting for everyone on their teams.

We already have about 20 leaders from 5 countries who have completed the training and are in the process of forming their teams. We intend to continue our efforts until we have leaders in every developing nation. 

Our vision is to help them do the work and take ownership of their own organizations. The course takes them through the process of filing a cooperative business license, open a bank account, and apply for grants. We intend to raise funds for the startup costs to overcome barriers to entry.

We would be grateful for any assistance you may be willing to provide.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

Teré Foster

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