We are a nonprofit organization. Please help us offer developing countries a way to improve their standard of living.  When a leader becomes a member of the ARC7 network and graduates from our Compassion Training, we support them as they continue to build their teams and form resource co-ops.  We encourage their forward motion by removing small barriers as they encounter them.  These are the five categories of support we offer most often, but we are not limited to these.  We are committed to our teams as long as we see forward motion and as long as we have funds available from our donors.

Leadership Training


Economic Dev.

Sustainable Livelihood

Medical Care

ARC7 for Global Well-Being

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Donate to support leaders around the world make a difference in their communities.

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Charitable Contributions for a Nonprofit Organization

Donate whatever you have!


Your old phone would make a huge difference in the life of someone who doesn't have one.  A phone provides access to our online training and helps us build strong teams in developing nations.


Proceeds from any purchase, course, coaching, consulting, tutoring, conference, retreat, or event, go directly to support our nonprofit goals.


Enroll in our Crowdfund Program.  Monthly membership dues are $5 to $10.  This is a recurring monthly payment.


VOLUNTEER to help with a global project.  You can help from home!  We always need help.  All skills will be appreciated.  Tell us your skills and how you can help


If you own a company that produces goods that can be donated, please consider supporting our goals.  Products may include: food, health care, sanitation, menstrual, baby, contraceptives, HIV tests, pregnancy tests.


If you have space that could be used for a local office, classroom, meetup, or storage for donated items, this will help start the ball rolling for a hub in your local area.


If you own equipment or machines for BUSINESS, MANUFACTURING or CONSTRUCTION, please consider supporting ARC7 projects in your local area by giving them access to your equipment.


If you have land that is free and clear, please consider donating it to build ARC7 in your local area.  If you have land where we could safely store large donated items such as vehicles, tractors, or large equipment, please let us know.



Would you like to get hands-on work experience with a nonprofit startup?

All of our jobs are done remotely, so you will have the opportunity to work from home.  Nonprofit Internship Needs You! Donate Skills. Donate Time. Donate Equipment. Donate Land. Donate Goods. Donate Space.

Start the onboarding process now! 

Everyone who works for us is well-trained in compassionate communication.  We maintain an environment of highest wellbeing for the staff as well as for those we serve.  If you would like to work into a paid position with, please complete the Compassion Training.

Charitable Contributions Flow in and Out

What goes around comes around.

To keep energy flowing like a torus we each have to pour out and then receive back in a continuous motion.  Money is energy.  The more donations flow in, the more free courses and coaching can flow back out to those with financial limitations, and the more emotional support we can offer our donors through coaching, consulting, and retreats.

You can make a difference!

Be a VOLUNTEER or an INTERN.  If you can use a phone or a computer, you can help from home!  Tell us your skills and how you can help  We always need help.

Online Compassion Training

Any course you take will improve your life and proceeds will go to support our global projects.

Your Purchases Can Save Lives

Any purchase, course, coaching, consulting, tutoring, conference, retreat, or event goes directly to support our nonprofit goals.

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An easy way to support is to join as a Crowdfunder.  Monthly membership dues are $10.  This is a recurring monthly payment.

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