Membership Dues

Money is energy.  In order for energy to keep flowing like a torus we have to pour energy out and receive energy back. Membership dues pay for the little expenses of the organization. The more membership dues that come in, the more monthly income for the organization, the more the organization can do as a group to flow back to you!



The Torus Flow of Energy

Out from you. Back to you.

Join as a Member

$4.95 monthly membership

Opt-In. It's entirely up to you.  It is not required.  We consider it to be like tithing.

Join as a Mentor

$30 monthly membership

This monthly membership is one of many ways to support the gathering of the Conscious Community.

Monthly maintenance donations flow out from you to help the organization flow energy back to you in an ever-expanding exchange of torus energy.

Many ways to donate:

If you want this plan to flourish, you can contribute energy in one form or another.  

Benefits of Being a Donor Member:

You can simultaneously address all 7 global concerns:

  • poverty
  • disease
  • illiteracy
  • oppression
  • domestic violence in the home
  • domination of the workplace
  • destruction of the planet

Planning is a proven stress reliever because it gives you a sense of empowerment to make a difference towards the issues that weigh you down.  By joining our many united organizations, and by participating in the Think Tanks, you can be part of every stage of development.

And... you can write it off!



We are raising $200,000.
With these funds we will be able to set up our headquarters and organize the global team of volunteers.

$50,000 founder’s sponsor package
$25,000 presenting sponsor package
$10,000 sponsor a center
$5,000 corporate partner
$1,000 corporate supporter

Thank you for any amount!


If you have land that is free and clear, please consider donating it to this amazing project.


Search the Marketplace for tasks that need to be done.  Earn points for the time you give.


If you have office or classroom space, this will start the ball rolling for organizing a local hub in your area.


All skills will be appreciated.  Find your niche and write your contribution agreement.  Then post it in the Marketplace so we can find you.


If you own a manufacturing company that produces materials that can be used in the Arc 7 prototype, please consider this exchange:

Your employees can opt into the Arc 7 housing co-op and health co-op instead of receiving a paycheck.  In so doing, your labor costs and insurance costs are eliminated. They live in the arcology and continue to work for you, but now as a co-owner instead of an employee.  The cost of labor will then be given to us in material goods that your company produces.  These materials would be used for all future arcology building projects.


Would you like to donate or volunteer in any of the ways described above?

If so, send us a message or ask more questions!

Please fill out the form below to contact us.

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