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ARC7 for Global Well-Being

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ARC7 Compassion Communities

My name is Teré Foster, Founder of ARC7 for Global Well-Being, an Umbrella Nonprofit Organization focused on ending poverty by training leaders in developing nations. We received our 501c3 status with the IRS in May of 2021.  I’m encouraged to see that so many are open to our new and innovative solutions.  

Our goal is to offer Compassion Training that will instill a vision in the hearts and minds of many leaders to build ARC7 Compassion Communities, from the inside out and the ground up. The vision is for indigenous leaders to do the work themselves and take ownership of their own organizations. Our course helps them do that.

The training walks each leader through the process of forming a team. Together, members of the team will follow a five-year plan to pool assets, meet their immediate needs, form co-op businesses, and finally build ARC7 Apartments. They will file a cooperative business license, open a business bank account, and apply for local grants and loans.

We already have 20 leaders from 5 countries who have completed the training and are in the process of forming their teams. These leaders will help us establish a scalable plan to take to the rest of the world. Each team will need 50 leaders to complete the vision. These 50 leaders and their families look forward to living in ARC7 Apartments with built in running water, plumbing, renewable electricity, wifi, modern kitchen appliances, and more.

While our online course is working well to inspire leaders to build ARC7 co-op housing, the gap we have at this time is the funding we need to support our teams with a monthly stipend while they work full-time to build their teams. We also need funding for the necessary startup capital for their co-op businesses.

Without a stipend or startup capital, the team members are forced to focus on their daily survival and do not have the ability to give their full attention to moving the vision of ARC7 forward. The vision remains in their hearts and minds yet cannot be attained. It is crucial to provide financial support and startup capital if we truly expect these leaders to raise their own standard of living. It is our vision to help them reach the goal to build a housing co-op that is self-sustaining and self-supporting within a five-year period.

We further need funding for a staff of professional fundraisers to work closely with each team to help them secure local grants for their projects.

We hope you will join us in our quest. We look forward to hearing from you.  


Teré Foster, founder

ARC7: Apartment Resource Complex with 7 Centers

The ARC7 plan is designed to address the missing infrastructure in developing countries, including the lack of access to clean water, healthy food, basic medical and dental, education and training, adequate housing with plumbing and electricity, and jobs. We interrupt the systematic perpetuation of poverty that often hinders upward mobility by including seven centers that will provide built-in jobs for each of the members.

ARC7 is an innovative plan to address seven complex problems under one roof. The final result will be a human habitat that is self-contained, self-sustaining, and self-supporting and that financially supports everyone who lives there through co-op businesses. Participants will be elevated to become home and business owners.  The ARC7 complex will provide infrastructure and services to the surrounding communities as well.


Fill the seven positions on their board of directors.
Find committed leaders who are willing and able to complete the training.
Continue to recruit a total of 50 members in the co-op who will fill the jobs in each of the seven centers.

Together the team will create a dynamic synergy that will drive the project forward.We need all kinds of people from varied backgrounds and with various skill sets to fill the roles on the team such as teachers, doctors, dentists, builders, architects, maintenance, human resources, business development, fundraising professionals, health and wellness experts, childcare providers, and other various support roles.

2-YEAR GOAL: Teams will develop businesses through financial collaboration that will bring stability and abundance for every co-op member equally. New businesses will search for startup help to pay for a business license and other startup needs. After businesses have a solid two-year financial record, they will be able to secure a loan or additional funding to cover the cost of building ARC7 Apartments.

3 to 5-YEAR END GOAL: The long-term goal is to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex to address the growing housing crisis in developing countries. ARC7 apartments are designed to provide the infrastructure that is missing in developing countries and provide an opportunity for shared ownership of housing and businesses. We include all essential needs in one building plan, such as running water, electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling, refrigerators, food production, business development, social inclusion, and more.

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