Donation Letter

Organization: ARC7 for Global Well-Being

Charity ID: 85-0542102

Thank you for your help!

I am the founder of ARC7 startup nonprofit and we are in great need of donations!

Through our Google Nonprofit Ad Grant campaigns of $10,000 a month, we have made strong connections with people in the poorest countries in the world including Rwanda, Uganda, and Bangladesh. Every day more are signing up for our program and we need financial help to hire enough staff to keep up with it all.  We didn’t anticipate this kind of overwhelming response, but we are loving every minute.

Some of the brightest minds from each area of the world signed up to take our online leadership training. Most of them are college students who speak English as a second language. Once they become of member of we offer them business counseling, friendship, and a seven-step onboarding process to develop income in their local areas. We help them make their dreams into a reality.  

Please consider donating generously to this organization. In some cases all it takes is:

$20 for a taxi ride home from university because one of our members was stranded,
or $100 to buy malaria prevention nets for every child in an orphanage,
or $250 for a water pump so that a farmer can begin planting during the dry season,
or $500 for a laptop so a student can get a college education online,
or $4000 to drill a well to provide clean water for 1000 people!
or $8000 to put a water tower up at the same time to provide plumbing for a 1000 people. 
or $50,000 to build a medical center that will serve the surrounding communities.

The American dollar can do so much in developing nations.  It is very exciting to see how much you can change the life of another human being so drastically. It is our intent to pair each graduate from our program with an American partner. This relationship will touch both lives equally. 

So far we have graduates from Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. Join their projects and keep track of their progress and learn how you can get personally involved.

This work is amazingly rewarding and the need is so great. I hope you will consider donating or becoming a partner with one of our program graduates. ARC7 for Global Well-Being is for people who want to make a difference in the world no matter who you are or where you come from.


Teré Foster
Founder of ARC7 for Global Well-Being


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