Donation Letter

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Organization: ARC7 for Global Well-Being

Charity ID: 85-0542102

Thank you for your help!

Through our Google Nonprofit Ad Grant campaigns of $10,000 a month, we have made strong connections with people in the poorest countries in the world. We have team leaders in Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. Every day more are signing up for our program and we need financial help to hire enough staff to keep up with it all.  We didn’t anticipate this kind of overwhelming response, but we are loving every minute.

ARC7 Team Leader Training

ARC7 is a nonprofit organization that offers TEAM LEADER TRAINING to any leader who plans to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex.

THE SHORT GOAL: The short term objective is to gather a team. Together the team can go through the ARC7 Team Leader Training. This process helps them define their roles within the ARC7 community structure. We need all kinds of people from varied backgrounds and with various skill sets to fill the roles on the team such as teachers, doctors, dentists, builders, architects, maintenance, human resources, business development, health and wellness experts, child care providers, and other various support roles can be filled by you! Together we will create a synergy that will drive the project forward.

1-YEAR GOAL: When the team has filled the seven positions on the board of directors with committed leaders who have completed the training, ARC7 will provide a grant to set up a HUB OF SERVICES to their members. This HUB will include seven dimensions:

  1. SURVIVAL – A Food Pantry and water well
  2. BODY – First Aid and Vaccinations
  3. MIND – Educational Technology
  4. SPIRIT – Arts and Cultural Experiences
  5. FAMILY – A Meeting House with Kitchen
  6. COMMUNITY – Business Grants and Microloans
  7. HUMANITY – ARC7 Team Leader Training

2-YEAR GOAL: Teams will develop businesses through financial collaboration that will bring stability and abundance for all who get involved. Team Building involves recruiting new members and helping with business development for 2 years. Startup businesses will receive help from ARC7 to pay for a business license and micro loans to get started. After businesses have a two-year financial record to show the banks and when they have a down payment of more than 20% of the loan amount accumulated, the ARC7 Apartment building project can begin.

THE END GOAL: The long term goal is to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complexes to address the growing housing crisis in developing countries. ARC7 apartments are designed to provide the infrastructure that is missing in developing countries and provide an opportunity for shared ownership. We include all needs in one building plan, such as running water, electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling, refrigerators, food production, business development and more.

Team Leader Training and Coaching Online

Some of the brightest minds from each area of the world signed up to take our online leadership training. Most of them are college students or college grads who speak English as a second language. Once they become a member of we offer them business counseling, friendship, and a seven-step TEAM LEADER TRAINING. We help them to form a local team of members to work together for the common good. The team will develop or expand their income in their local areas through shared ownership of housing and businesses.

The ARC7 TEAM LEADER TRAINING is same for all people no matter which role you fill. It starts with the seven levels and then branches out into SPECIALTY COURSES. Since we are a nonprofit educational program, our members can WRITE OFF the cost of the training.

We want everyone to take the training, including men, women, and children. This will ensure that everyone involved is equipped with the information they need to build a strong team. Donor support makes it possible for us to offer this training for free to people in developing countries.

ARC7 Apartments Shared Ownership

ARC7 is a plan to build an Apartment Resource Complex.

The apartments are owned by a cooperative.

The people who live there are part of the cooperative.

The people who live there have many businesses to support the group as a whole.

Social Businesses Support ARC7 Members

Some businesses will be privately owned. 

Some will be partnerships. 

Some will be cooperatives.

But all will be social businesses that solve problems and meet the needs of the ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex and beyond.

Two-Year Team Development Project

Step 1- Gather a team.

Step 2- Help team members complete the online training.

Step 3- Brainstorm business ideas based on the skills, talents, and resources of the members of the team.

Step 4- Use ARC7 Screen Questions to choose the best options.

Step 5- Create a business plan to show to potential *Angel Investors.

Step 6- Get a business license.

Step 7- Work together to make the business thrive.

*An angel investor is an individual who provides capital for a business or businesses start-up. Angel investors usually give support to start-ups at the initial moments and when most investors are not prepared to back them usually in exchange for 50% ownership equity.

Please consider donating generously!

Connecting Leaders Together

It is our intent to pair each graduate from our training program with a supporting partner. Establishing relationships will touch all lives equally. Small amounts of money can do so much to empower these developing leaders.  It is very exciting to see how much a small donation can change the life of another human being so drastically.

Personal Involvement

So far we have graduates from our program in Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. Please join their projects and keep track of their progress. Ask how you can get personally involved. This work is amazingly rewarding and the need is so great. I hope you will consider donating or becoming a partner with one of our teams. ARC7 for Global Well-Being is for people who want to make a difference in the world no matter who you are or where you come from.


Teré Foster
Founder of ARC7 for Global Well-Being


ARC7 is a plan to accelerate the end of poverty.

ARC7 is a plan to build housing and employment for each and every one of the graduates of our program. Members will have the opportunity to live, work, raise a family, and be financially supported by their involvement with ARC7.

We intend for ARC7 to create employment for more than 100,000 people globally by building ARC7 Apartments that have many jobs built into the designing, the construction, and the maintenance of the building itself plus additional jobs in the formation of businesses that are located in the same building. Using the skills, talents, and resources of the local members, our team leaders will form local co-op businesses that will employ each and every member.

Each team will form a housing co-op with business co-ops to support their members. Establishing a co-op is a long process that requires many steps required by the local government agencies with some startup costs. ARC7 assists each team through this process until it reaches each goal.

We plan to build ARC7 wherever there is a leader who establishes a team.

ARC7 is an Umbrella Organization

1- ARC7 umbrella organization provides TEAM LEADER TRAINING for a common vision.

2- ARC7 umbrella organization trains leaders to recruit and develop a team.

3- ARC7 umbrella organization is responsible for the teams under its care, to some degree.

4- ARC7 umbrella organization provides a sense of community and support.

5- ARC7 umbrella organization offers identity to our teams.

6- ARC7 umbrella organization helps provide public awareness.

7- ARC7 umbrella organization offers a legal entity when legality for the engaged actions is required.

8- ARC7 umbrella organization provides pooled resources as needed.

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