Eco-Freindly Initiatives


We are committed to the environment, and through several different eco-friendly initiatives, we do our best to limit waste. For example:

  • The average person creates 5 pounds of trash a day!
  • The main source of their trash is from food packaging.
  • We teach our customers to avoid products that come in a can, a box, a bag or Styrofoam.
  • We package our products in wax paper instead of plastic.
  • We box our Vegan Side Dishes in a re-usable box.
  • We have gone paperless; our cookbooks are digital and our customers receive packing slips and other communication via email.
  • Our blogs and social media promote healthy, environmentally-friendly living with articles and tips.
  • We support charitable causes all over the world.
  • We support small rice farmers to alleviate poverty around the world.
  • We support local organic farmers by finding uses for the produce that is normally wasted.

Landfills Overgrowth

By cooking from scratch we can reduce our trash production.

Wasted Produce

Demand that wasted foods get to those who are going hungry!

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