Edamame vs Soybeans

The difference between soybeans and edamame is in the level of maturity when the beans are harvested. Mature soybeans are a light cream color while edamame is harvested when the beans are still young, soft and green. Like a green tomato vs a red tomato, much of the nutritional value is lost when harvesting the soybeans at such a young stage of development.

 per cup  EDAMAME

edamame 1



 calories  376 milligrams  880 milligrams
 protein  36 milligrams  68 milligrams
 fats  17 grams total fat  37 grams total fat
 carbohydrates  28 grams  56 grams
 dietary fiber  11 grams  17 grams
 folic acid  35 micrograms  679 micrograms
 calcium  500 milligrams  71 milligrams
 iron  2 milligrams  18 milligrams

As whole foods such as beans and grains mature and are fully dried they become dormant until they are brought back to life with water. ¬†This is a huge part of Mother Nature’s original plan. ¬†These dormant whole foods are light weight and can be carried around in a sack until the time for replanting. The dormancy is created by enzyme inhibitors. These are the reason for the difficulties that are often experienced with eating whole mature beans. ¬†Solving this problem is easy. ¬†Simply bring them back to life with water by soaking the beans overnight. ¬†The next day the dormant whole food has become a sprouted seed. Sprouts are packed with nutritional value and easy to digest.

Dry beans are about 70% carbohydrate:

Starch (43 ‚Äď 45%)

fiber (18 ‚Äď 20%)

Protein (20-30%)

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