Concern 3: Evaluate the methods by which our society provides education:


  • Education system is a feeder system for the workforce.
  • Teaching marketable skills instead of developing life purpose
  • Capitalistic values taught in institutions instead of meeting human need
  • Education system offering outdated science and history of human origin
  • Group teaching instead of individualized learning is inefficient and outdated
  • Education ending at “graduation,” leaving most adult decision-makers with outdated information
  • Only source of newly discovered knowledge after graduation is through a news programs with a bias
  • Important discoveries are not shared with the public

Knowledge is power.  When true and current information is withheld, twisted or fabricated, we are rendered powerless to make informed decisions about our well-being and the well-being of the planet.  When truth is labeled “classified” and lies are labeled “news” how can we solve the problems we encounter in the world?  The world is run by an elite few who have more information than we do, more money and resources than we do, rendering us dependent upon whatever they say is “the truth.”  Like a child realizing that their parent’s stories of Santa Claus can’t possibly be true, we the people are realizing that the truth has been withheld from us and that we are no longer “in the loop.”  America is no longer “by the people, for the people.”

Obvious examples of withheld information include:

  • Area 51, underground military bases around the world
  • underground tunnel system around the crust of the earth, underground cities
  • doctored pictures of space, outdated periodic table
  • UFO cover-ups, crop circle cover-ups
  • advanced technology that could relieve suffering withheld from the public
  • advanced space programs withheld from the public
  • a break-away civilization living in luxury withholding basic needs from those in extreme poverty
  • HAARP weaponized weather
  • harm or death coming to those who speak out

Screening Question: Does it solve inequality?


Is this plan providing the most current information using the most effective methods?

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