Emotional Well-Being


Emotional Well-Being starts at a personal level and then radiates out from you to those around you like ripples on the water.  Successful relationships at home and at work depend on you taking the time to gain emotional well-being.  This expansion continues out to the community and to the global family as we cause a ripple effect with our own emotions.

Emotional vibration is the language of the universe.  Words are not necessary at times when great emotion is present.  We know exactly what someone is trying to say when they are in a highly emotional state.

This is also true for effective prayer.  “The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  This scripture reference says that the level of sincere emotion that is motivating the prayer increases the possibility of the prayer being effective.

What about negative emotions?  What impact do they have on the universe? One can only speculate if emotions make things happen then negative emotions could bring about extremely undesirable outcomes such as riots or war.

In our Emotional Well-Being Workshop, you will become aware of your own emotions and the impact they are having on your life and your world.  You will also learn how to harness your emotions to bring about fantastic outcomes in your life and the world around you.

This is an important skill we must have if we hope to experience true and lasting well-being.


When making decisions, have you noticed the difference between what your mind says and what your heart says?

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