The FAMILY Dimension
is Focused on Relationship Well-Being

Family is dedicated to training and certifying parents and soon-to-be parents to raise the next generation. There is no higher privilege than to shape the lives of children, and no greater challenge.  Parents create "the nest" of the future of the planet!  FAMILY Projects will walk parents through the ascension process so they can help their children find their voice, their energy, and their purpose. We believe that if we want to change the world for the better, all parents must be certified to be well-being coaches before they dare take the challenge of becoming parents!

Learn and Earn Points:

Meetups and Projects for Social Well-Being:

Reshape Relationships

Good vs Toxic Relationships is a prerequisite course that teaches people how to love, share, and be honest.  This is a meetup that supports family relationships by helping family members talk to each other honestly and lovingly.  Become a Relationship Support Group Leader!

3D Kid Club is an online contest dedicated to shaping young leaders who will secure the future of the planet. We motivate children with contests that develop all three dimensions of health: body, mind, and spirit. We focus on "3D" until the foundation is laid for highest well-being.  Once this foundation has been laid we begin to introduce all 7 Dimensions of Highest Well-Being that will lead to global well-being.  Become a 3D Kid Club Leader!

Get Organized!






Get Organized! is a meetup designed to motivate home organization, the one thing we all have in common.  We can't avoid it.  When we face it head on with a motivating plan, it becomes an enjoyable part of daily living.  But what happens if good habits were not instilled at the appropriate age as you were growing up.  Then the most basic chore becomes a nightmare to avoid at all costs. This project calms that trigger of avoidance and instills a new mindset that will change the way we look at daily organization.

Stay-at-home adults will especially enjoy this project.  No matter what your reason is for staying home during the day, lack of organization becomes amplified.

Become a Organization Leader!

Offer Well-Being

Family Businesses is a meetup that helps families develop businesses within the structure of an ARC7 Arcology Housing Co-op. In the context of an arcology, members can choose to build a family business or bring an already established business to support the housing co-op. The goals of the businesses will be to meet the needs of the people who live inside the arcology, to help make the arcology self-sustaining and self-contained, and to bring in enough income to make the arcology economy thrive.  Your business will have a built-in client base.  Become a Family Business Leader!

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