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Team 1: Stabilize Basic Needs

We all have the element of SURVIVAL in common. Financial Well-Being is the “gateway element” on our way to higher levels of well-being.  “Survival” is placed on the middle of row of the ENERGY SCALE with everything that brings well-being listed above and everything that brings pain listed below.

If we plan to transition away from capitalism towards a gift economy, the first skill set we all must learn is to Stabilize Basic Needs. In the gift economy it takes an entire arcology to meet our needs on all seven levels. It doesn’t cost much money, but requires a lot of effort and heart-felt concern for others. In the current system we must “make money” in any way we can and concern for others and connection with our fellow man is not required.

The transition from capitalism to the gift economy starts by becoming “the producer” instead of “the consumer,” finding ways to “make money” in a new way now that will provide goods or services to contribute to a future arcology later. Most of us don’t create goods or provide services, but instead work at jobs that keep a gigantic corporate machine moving forward. To switch gears to a local focus will be very difficult for some of us who have no training or skills that would be valuable to an arcology. 

For this reason, Step 5 is focused on gathering people together to teach valuable skills, practice working together, and train for positions within an arcology of well-being and a gift economy.  Food for Well-Being from is the system we use for this workshop.  It is easily expandable so that many families can work together if they all use the same system. The plan is written in the FOOD FOR WELL-BEING HANDBOOK.  There are many ways for a family to “Stabilize Basic Needs” using this system to produce their own food, store basic staples, and teach others to do the same.



How does home production sound to you as a potential member of a non-profit community?


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