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Our Personal Chefs follow the Healthy Meal Plan. All meals in the Healthy Meal Plan are cooked in your home. The Dinner themes begin with the letters of the days of the week;

Monday Mexican,
Tandoori Tuesday,
Western Wednesday,
Thai Thursday,
Friday Flexible
Saturday Sicilian
Simple Sunday (Soup and Salad)

(Friday Flexible and Saturday Sicilian can be “Healthy Cheat Days“. Eat the foods you enjoy for the weekend and get back on track on Sunday.

Question: What is the biggest health challenge today?

Answer: Not enough time and money to be healthy!

Solution: A Personal Chef!


Healthy Meals for the Week!

Prepared and Cooked by a Personal Chef

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With a Vegan Tasting Party


To cook from scratch using healthy, whole foods takes time.

To learn how to cook from scratch takes time.

To re-organize your kitchen takes time.

To learn a new meal plan takes time.


The Answer Might be to Find A Healthy Personal Chef 

There has never been a greater need for a Personal Chef than now that the average American no longer has time to make meals from scratch with healthy whole food ingredients as much as they might want to. So many people are living a daily dilemma knowing that it is better for them and for their loved ones to eat whole foods that spring from the earth, but their just isn’t time to shop fresh every day and cook from scratch every meal! If you are not a stay-at-home mom with a live-in nanny you might have to resort to drastic measures if you really want to put healthy meals on the table. Even then those on your staff may not have the education to make healthy meals on a consistent basis.

If you are among the busy majority that can’t take the time that is required to maintain optimum health and well-being for you and your loved ones, why not hire one of our personal chefs in your local area who will implement our system in your own home.

If you already have a personal chef, why not ask him or her to follow our Meals for the Week and set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in your own home? This may be the quickest and cheapest way to be up and running, eating healthy and saving money all at once.

When a chef has completed our course they will be certified and experienced to prepare our meal plan in your own home. Purchase My Whole Foods Kitchen Bulk Foods Package, put your chef through our online course and get started today!

Can it be cost effective? Absolutely! We have ways to work efficiently making many meals at once, then setting them up in your refrigerator to “whip up” as needed. Now you can have a healthy home cooked meal any time, lunch or dinner or midnight snack! When schedules are full and families are going many directions at once it can be challenging to find a long enough moment to have a meal together– especially if you want it to be made from scratch with whole food ingredients because bulk foods must be soaked overnight. With our pre-planned meals for the week, you can have Personal Health Chef quality meals any time the moment presents itself. Just heat, garnish and serve!

Think about how often you eat out, order delivery or even do your own cooking. It costs at least $20 to feed a family. The average family spends over $550 a month on groceries. Plus you will probably spend over an hour per week at the grocery store and an hour planning and preparing each meal. Hiring a Personal Health Chef will save you over 15 hours per week and eliminate the time it would have taken you to learn how to cook with whole foods. Not to mention the waste of ingredients that have gone bad before you had a chance to use them.

If you were to go a restaurant or order take out, you can’t control how the food is cooked and you will be paying a much higher price for something that is not as healthy as what a Personal Health Chef would prepare. The cost of delivery charges, the additional tip, the cost of parking and the gas in the car can add up very quickly.

Our service follows a simple Meals for the Week plan that provides meals for five days a week then gives you Friday and Saturday off for “cheat days” when you can eat what you enjoy without worrying about counting carbs, calories, fat, sodium or anything else. Then on Sunday we come again with a new batch of Healthy Meals for the Week to keep your family on a healthy track.


Do you know someone that is going through a difficult health issue?  Why not give them a gift certificate for Personal Health Chef Services?

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