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Love is the most important dimension of life, yet there are no classes taught in school about how to find and keep love. Hi, I’m Teré Foster and many years ago I was given an amazing understanding that breaks human happiness into 7 Dimensions. I’m offering this information to you in a one-hour course called “The 7 Dimensions of Happiness.”

Your Soul Mate is Here

Next time you ask yourself, “where can I find my soul mate” think of the kind of person you are looking for. Are they hanging around a bar? Or is the kind of person you are hoping for busy working on nonprofit projects to make the world a better place? is the perfect place to find your soul mate! Join projects to change the world and surround yourself with amazing people!

Find Your Match

When you meet someone at they are usually working on a project that will improve the lives of others. They have a heart to change the world in a positive way. When you run into someone in an ARC7 course discussion it is as if they have been screened and sifted before you even meet them. They are good people who have come here to do good in the world. Can you think of a better place to find your soul mate?

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ARC7 offers courses that teach the 7 Dimensions of Human Happiness in three levels:

Level 1 – Relationshipsfinding, building and healing with compassion

Level 2 – Projects – add meaning and purpose to your life

Level 3 – Communities – gather your tribe to re-design your life

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7 Dimensions of Happiness

Human happiness should be easy.  Right? But it’s not easy.  It’s confusing!  It comes and goes so quickly.

These 7 dimensions tie together with something I call “The Human Energy Scale.” During this course you will be able to print a copy of the scale and put it on your wall at your desk to help you quickly observe the level of energy in your personal environment. This scale will give you more insight into how others impact your happiness. And if you are having a bad day, you can also use this scale to observe the level of pain you are in and notice how much faster you move back up to happiness because you have a way to visualize it. All these ideas build upon the next to help you fully understand the happiness you are looking for. Help us shift the world towards highest well-being, by educating people how to find a soul mate, how to find sweet romance, make true friends, and celebrate good relationships!

Find your soul mate.

Learn how to screen the ARC7 Compassion Network for a perfect energetic match. We are gathering people who are spiritually in tune to the needs of others. We are looking for people who are ready for kind, compassionate conversations and advanced social projects that will improve the world. In this gathering, it will be much easier to find your soul mate! Why not search a pool of people who intend to make a difference in the world?

Don’t Fake It

If you are looking for a good match you have to BE a good match. Don’t join the Compassion Network and then think that’s the end of the process. You have to be sincere! Get involved in ARC7 courses and prepare for leading a nonprofit project that will impact the lives of others. If you are faking it, anyone will be able to see through it. Your profile shows how many courses you have completed and how many ARC7 points you have earned. You earn points by completing courses and being active on the network.

So, don’t just create a profile!

1-Be sure to upload a picture!

2-Then enroll in your first course!

3-Make friends with the people who are taking the same course!

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