Food Allergy Epidemic

The idea that we have to cut out huge parts of the food groups in response to a food allergy is not as enlightened as it sounds. Don’t eat carbs. Don’t eat animal products. Don’t eat grains. Don’t eat gluten. Don’t eat soy. What CAN we eat?

Allergic reactions to today’s foods have steadily increased into an epidemic. Yes, it’s true.

Milk is unable to be digested by more and more people. Why? Because it is not the same product that it was when our grandparents drank milk from their own cow. The milk today has been denatured and is full of toxic substances that cause allergies and lactose intolerance. Is milk the problem or their methods of processing?

Soy products are causing problems today even though civilizations have lived on soy for thousands of years. Why? Because today’s soybean has been genetically modified (GMO) and processed into isolated substances that, separated from the whole bean, cause health problems.

Peanuts are causing such horrific reactions. Why? Because they are drowning in pesticides and processed incorrectly.

Wheat has gotten a “bum rap” over the years as more and more people are experiencing allergic reactions to the products found on the shelves of the grocery stores made from wheat. But this is not the wheat products that our ancestors consumed that gave them the power and strength to plow fields, chop wood and lift bales of hay.

The only answer I can find is to produce my own foods and grow my own produce so that I know exactly what is in the foods I am consuming. In time I am sure that the food manufacturers will correct their mistakes and find better ways to produce food, but for now I must take the responsibility upon myself just as humans always have throughout all generations.


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