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Food for Well-Being is looking for people who are serious about food.

We are looking for food activists in every town to spearhead a 3D Health Clubs in their local areas. This food co-op will help people "Eat Right Over Night."

We will offer free training for club founders.

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Food for Well-Being is a meal plan, a cookbook, and a product line. It is designed to make it possible for a vegetarian and a meat-eater to survive in the same household. The plan also serves as a bridge between gluten sensitive eaters, bread eaters, dieters and big eaters. With so many types and dietary needs, priorities and choices finding a way to make a bridge across the table is a focus for many families.

Here's how the Meal Plan works:
Each day of the week is assigned an ethnic theme; Monday Mexican, Tuesday Tandoori, Wednesday Western, etc.

mexican salad boats

Food for Well-Being Meal Starters can be eaten by vegan, vegetarian and gluten free eaters because every meal includes whole foods plant protein that springs from the ground naturally. Some members of your family may want to include meat, dairy, eggs, fish or sweets but please don’t judge or complain about the choices your loved ones make as long as they eat these whole foods along with it.  The nutritional value of Food for Well-Being will improve the health of everyone at the table whether they consider them to be a side dish or the main course.

Screen with 7 Questions of Well-Being

1 - Survival: Does Food for Well-Being make survival a little easier for those who might purchase these products?
YES! - When carefully following the plan your food bill will go down and your stress around meal time will disappear.

2- Body: Does Food for Well-Being bring health and well-being to the customer?
YES! - When used as a guideline for your meal plan, you and those you cook for will be getting the highest possible nutrition through organic whole foods and plant protein.  A whole foods diet has been know to prevent and reverse illness and disease and help with weight loss.

3 - Mind:  Does the sales process of Food for Well-Being provide enough information to make the best possible decisions about purchasing our product line?
YES! - We provide training, blogs, video instruction and printed materials to help make the transition successful.

4 - Spirit:  Does Food for Well-Being empower the moral majority to have an impact on global issues?
YES!  By creating our own supply chains we empower individuals and families with the ability to sustain themselves without depending on the global food supply chains and we put more profit directly in the hands of the world's poorest farmers in developing nations as well as our local farmers here at home.

5 - Family: Does the Food for Well-Being Meal Plan promote family relationships?
YES!  When carefully followed every member of the family can eat the same meal including meat-eaters, vegans, vegetarians, gluten free eaters and dieters.

6 - Community: Is the Food for Well-Being business plan sustainable?
YES!  The Cookbook teaches how to return to the role of "the producer" instead of "the consumer" starting with organically grown rice and beans, cooked in reusable mason jars instead of buying foods already processed and packaged, and cooks the meals for the week with the same amount of fuel that would have been used to cook one meal.

7 - Humanity:  Does the production, sale or use of Food for Well-Being products bring harm to anyone or anything?
NO!  Our plan helps to re-direct the food bill away from the global supply chains that rely heavily on forced labor, child labor and animal cruelty.

We are committed to improving lives by:

Providing Quality Products
Protecting Farmers
Ending Force Labor
Supporting Fair Trade Practices
Eliminating Middle Men

The grocery store is committed to the bottom line.
The factory farms exploit animals.
The big agriculture companies destroy the ground.
Trade around the world exploits poor farmers, mostly women.

Learn more about the 7 Dimensions of Highest Well-Being.

Learn more about Fair Trade

Plant Based Meal Starters

When you purchase Food for Well-Being you will be stepping into a whole new world of flavors.  We pre-measured whole foods ingredients into biodegradable bags for each ethnic theme and put them into a variety box.

Vegetarian Food Storage Plan

Food for Well-Being stores well in a cool place for many years, so it is easy to have everything you need on hand simply by having a stack of boxes of Food for Well-Being. Knowing that you have food on hand that you and your loved ones can live on for a year or more brings a stabilizing sense of well-being.

"Knowing the facts about health and nutrition doesn't mean that a person actually knows how to cook." Teré goes on to say "Learning a subject in the classroom and then implementing that subject into daily living are two different things. Our plan gets right down to breakfast, lunch and dinner and even plans for what to do with the leftovers."

"Our plan is based around inexpensive whole foods with pre-measured spice packets.‚ÄĚ Tere protests, "It's silly to me to take a pill of turmeric or garlic for your health when you can enjoy the incredible flavor that turmeric or garlic gives to your meals."

Nutritionists and health coaches use this program with great enthusiasm as they see the wisdom of the little things that make this plan so unique and so "do-able" for the average family.

Food Impacts Global Well-Being

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