Food Storage is Financial Planning

I can make the case that food is the best financial planning to prepare ourselves for a financial crisis.  Many financial experts in America predict the crash of the dollar and the coming of a depression worse than anything we have seen before.  Each one suggests financial strategies to prepare for these possibilities; Buy gold. Invest in the stock market.  Buy other precious metals.

Whole foods that spring from the ground also happen to be the same foods that store for long periods of time; nuts, grains, seeds, beans, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  The closer we live by a whole foods diet, and the more of these foods we store, we not only protect ourselves from heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses, but we also ensure we survive in the event of a true financial crisis.  Food Storage is true financial planning.

Can you eat gold? Can you feed your children stock market investments?  Only if there are others who have the money to buy your gold and only if there is food available to buy at that time, two factors you have little or no way of guessing. Invest in food now while these foods are available at fair prices.


Food Storage is an Investment

In the event of a true financial crisis, food prices may skyrocket.  Can you ever have too much food stored?  Will there ever be a time when you, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors, and other hungry people will not need quality whole foods?

Food storage is the one investment that will always keep its value. Since the 1950’s food prices have steadily risen, so having the basic foods stored in large amounts will always make sense, especially when you understand that foods that store for long periods of time, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, are also the foods that the cells of your body must have for optimum health and ultimate energy. During a true financial crisis you will need your health and your energy more than ever before. Food storage is the only financial planning that also ensures the survival of your loved ones at the same time.

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