Food Storage is Intelligent

Learn about bulk foods --
and a smarter way to use your food budget!  

  • The average family spends $550 on food each month.
  • How much do you spend?
  • How much of that food comes in a package, a box, a can or a bag that ends up in out landfills?
  • Packaged foods are "processed foods" full of preservatives, additives and other harmful ingredients that are causing obesity and illness.
  • Healthy packaged foods from a health food store are more expensive than the average family can afford.

The problem:  

  • Healthy, organic packaged foods are expensive.
  • Cooking from scratch takes too much time.

The solution:  

  • Buy Food for Well-Being Meal Starters, a kit with all the food items you need to make complete plant protein.
  • Learn how to cook with organic, non-GMO whole foods.
  • Or let us cook for you.


Let’s talk about your food shopping habits. The national average that a family spends on food is around $550 a month. We all know that the food bill won’t ever go away, but with our program your food budget pays for so much more than just processed foods from the grocery store that will be gone in a week.  We turn your monthly food bill into a positive, healthy transition to a new way of living as you learn about bulk foods. 

How much are you spending on food each month?  $550
How about the whole year? (x 12) $6,600                            
Three years? (x 3)  $19,800

Would you believe me if I told you that you can eat healthier and still stay within that budget and have someone cook your meals for you too?
The way it is now, we all have to go to the store whenever we run out of food, so, like it or not we have a continual food bill to contend with. And for the past 30 years food prices have been steadily rising.

Our plan is to send you a package of bulk foods that store for long periods of time. This is a great investment because food never loses its value. And in a true emergency we have the peace of mind that we can survive. This food will last a lifetime, but we don't just store these nutritious whole foods we cook with it every day. We make our Healthy Meals for the Week from whole foods.

My Whole Foods Kitchen is a plan designed to eliminate trips to the grocery store by purchasing whole foods that store for long periods of time at bulk rates that are far below the price of processed foods. Buying in bulk gives us the chance to buy organic, non-GMO products while they are still available. We then have the ability to cook healthy meals from our whole foods and deliver them to you or teach you how to store foods in your own home and cook for yourself.

Specialty Items:  After we set up our whole foods in containers with labels, next we invest in items for specific meals. Each meal in the plan requires a few specialty items like vanilla powder and honey powder, ethnic seasonings and spices and so on.  For Healthy Breads we have to have a wheat grinder and a bread kneader.  These are appliances that can be in any kitchen because they are about the size of a toaster or a blender.

Food for Well-Being Meal Starters: Learning about bulk foods allows you to have all the items you will need for the Meals for the Week. We have a plan that lets you get what you need for the entire plan all at once. Your monthly payments would be about the same amount you are currently spending on food—or even less—even half!  The package will include all the foods you will need to make the our Healthy Meals for the Week and would also include your one-time investment for containers and appliances--plus the training and coaching you will need to make the program work for you.  It’s all packaged with 36-months of continued support. This makes it possible for anyone to afford the course and give their kitchen a healthy make-over, have a three year supply of whole foods and maybe even turn it into income by helping others to do the same.

Starter Kit: Turn Your Food Budget into Life-Changing Power.  Buying My Whole Foods Kitchen with a portion of your monthly food budget makes sense in every possible way.  We have created a starter kit that includes containers, appliances, training and 36 months of continued support that stays well within your current food budget.  Our bulk food packages collects the buying power of the food budget over a 3-year period and re-directs it into large sum of money that can purchase everything it takes to eliminate the food bill and change an individual's health forever. By purchasing enough food for a 3-year period at very low prices customers can use the rest of their food budget to also purchase the appliances and everything needed to create their own meals and never eat processed foods again! An individual can also take the training and certification to earn income with the food bill instead of the food bill being an monthly expense that will never go away!



Don't have time to learn to cook from scratch?

We train and certify a Personal Chef in your local area to cook the Healthy Meal Plan for you!

Don't have time to set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in your own home?

We train and certify a Kitchen Organizer to set it up for you!


Hire a Personal Health Chef Trained by

When you purchase My Whole Foods Kitchen 3-year Bulk Foods Package, we provide a personal chef to cook for your family. We hire a health chef who lives in your local area and train them and support them as they work for you to provide your Meals for the Week from our Healthy Meal Plan. You will be creating jobs in your local area! Our goal is to have a trained Personal Chef in every major city. Purchase My Whole Foods Kitchen and get the support you need as part of the package.

If you are interested in in hiring a Personal Health Chef or if you would like to represent as a Personal Health Chef start with our questionnaire. You will immediately receive our give-aways that will help you get started today!


Bulk Foods Packages

Packages Include: 

  • Rice and Beans
    Black Beans, White Beans, Pinto Beans, Lentils, Brown Rice, Sushi Rice, Basmati Rice and more.
  • Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds
    Wheat, Quinoa, Steel Cut Oats, Rolled Oats, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Peanuts, Popcorn, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds and more.
  • Specialty Powders
    Vanilla power, milk powder, egg powder, butter powder, cheese powder and tomato powder to make your "Quick Mix" recipes that only need water.
  • Dried Fruit and Vegetables
    Raisins, Apricots, Apples, Bananas, Tropical Fruit, Berries, Potatoes, Onions, Celery, Green Beans, Broccoli and more. Freeze dried and air dried produce provide all the nutrition and fiber that they started with for the closest thing to fresh. Garden whenever you can, buy local organic when available, then fall back on these delicious treats when you have to.
  • Herbs, Spices, Seasonings
    Indian Spices, Italian Herbs, Mexican Seasonings and Asian Spices will turn a meal of bland whole foods into a gourmet masterpiece. These flavor enhancers are the secret that manufacturers use to make their foods so appealing. Now you can do it for yourself without adding the harmful additives, colors and preservatives that store-bought foods have to keep them on the shelf longer.
  • Cases of Canned and Bottled Specialty Items
    A few cases of specialty items make it possible to whip up delicious meals without going to the store. Chopped tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pineapple chunks and so on.
  • Exciting and Motivating Training
    Our Continued Support Package will keep your household moving in the right direction with goal-setting strategies, incentives and Weekly Webinar.
  • One-Time Investment for Containers and Appliances
    Never to be purchased again!  Once My Whole Foods Kitchen is set up in your home, you will be able to eat healthy for the rest of your life simply by ordering refills as the food runs out. Appliances include a hand blender, canning pot and accessories, a wheat grinder, a dough kneader, and more.
  • Your Food Budget will Thank You!
    The average family spends $550 a month on groceries. When you follow our plan you can eliminate trips to the grocery store. $550 a month includes not just food, but containers, appliances and supplies! We drop-ship the items right to your door. This keeps your monthly budget in tact while you make your first transition to whole foods.
    At the end of the time when you begin to need more food you can order refills one at a time. You did it!  You eliminated the dependence upon the grocery store and your food bill will be far less than it is today and a million times healthier if you were used to buying processed foods.
  • The Planet Will Thank You!
    When you refuse to buy foods that have packaging, boxes, bags and plastic containers you eliminate a huge amount of trash from the landfills. You might not even need trash pick-up services!
  • Your Family Will Thank You!
    As much as they might kick and scream when they go through the transition from junk foods to whole foods in the long run they will enjoy having home-cooked meals. homemade whole grain bread, granola bars and healthy snacks take with them. We provide continued support for each member of the family where they can gripe and complain, but also ask the questions that will make the transition easier.
  • Your Chef Will Thank You!
    Your food budget will provide a steady job for a talented chef in your area if you choose to hire one of our Personal Health Chefs.



Set up the Baker's Rack with all your food items in one glance.

Plase the bulk grains and beans in buckets in a storage room.

18 buckets come with the set.

6 grains. 6 beans. 6 staples.

Put a shelf across the top of your buckets to create more counter space if you need it for the new appliances .

There are endless ways to configure your food containers to fit the space you have.

Can you tell that the table with the lamp on it in the picture to the right is made up of eight buckets?


OUR VENDORS: To create My Whole Foods Kitchen in your own home you will need specialty products. We work with merchants who are willing to work with our customers to provide the quality products you will need.

FREE SHIPPING: Our vendors will ship to your home with free shipping when you meet their minimum order amounts, so we make sure that our package meets these requirements.

RETURNS: Our vendors will handle any complaints or returns.

Please leave a comment below if you run into any problems with any of these merchants or also let us know if you are more than satisfied with the vendors customer service.


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