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ARC7 Vision for Orphanages

The Vision of ARC7 Arcology Think Tank

ARC7 Vision – Self-Supporting, Self-Sustaining Cooperative Living.

We believe that the path to highest well-being and global well-being is one and the same. Highest Well-Being is focused on individual survival and improving quality of our lives. Global Well-Being is focused on humanity’s survival and improving the future of our species. Can you seriously try to do one without the other? – We re-imagine the future of planet Earth with an orphanage proposal that includes career and business development, self-help, entrepreneurship, social networking, spiritual ascension, youth empowerment, combined into one global plan: ARC7 Arcology.

We are looking for professionals who would like to be on the advisory board. We also offer on-boarding courses for people who want to participate in the Global Well-Being Think Tank or be on the board of directors of

Our think tank will address seven specific global issues that impact our personal lives on a daily basis and find local ways to address them through the building of ARC7.

We are gathering people for a weekly zoom meetup on Mondays at 7pm CST (chicago).

Here is the link: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 727 3522 1429
Passcode: 50046

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