Free Heart Healthy Cookbook

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Free Heart Healthy Cookbook

Heart Healthy Cooking

-Improve your health

-Avoiding processed foods

-Reducing your food budget

-Protecting the environment

-Losing weight

-Higher energy levels

-Living off the land

-Emergency preparedness


Which benefit motivates you the most?

We want all of the above!  Most of us here at are health nuts, smart shoppers and conscious consumers who are prepared for many kinds of emergencies.

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Heart Healthy Cooking ; The Introduction 
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This program includes seven steps, seven projects, seven objectives that address all seven of the motivations mentioned. These seven steps include replacing processed foods with natural foods, replacing white flour with whole grain products, replacing white sugar with natural sweeteners, replacing meat and dairy with plant proteins, avoiding products that contain harmful additives and carefully selecting suppliers who manufacture foods with respect for Mother Earth and storing these products in bulk to get the lowest price possible. It’s easy to do and you will love the energy that comes from these positive changes in your nutrition, your food budget and your world view.

The Heart Healthy Cooking program could be accurately called: Seven Steps to a Healthier Diet, or Seven Steps to a Vegetarian Diet, or Seven Steps to Living of the Land, or Seven Steps to Preparedness, or Seven Steps to Elevate Your Energy or Seven Steps to Reducing Your Food Bill. It doesn’t matter which title most attracts you, the plan is the same for all of them. If more than one fills you with excitement that’s even better!

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