Influential Gamers Club

This gaming club teaches kids life skills such as teamwork, self-care, and leadership. My mission is to create a gaming community unlike any other, which is by honing kids’ skills learned in video games to use in a real life setting. To turn video games into something that empowers us rather than keep us addicted, keeping us hooked for hours, neglecting our own needs as well as the needs of our loved ones.

What I’m challenging myself to do is to bring you a new look on video games that contributes to all 7 levels of well-being. I know what you thinking. How can playing video games solve world hunger, end corruption, or stop wars? I also believe that gaming doesn’t directly solve any global issues, but I’ve had my own journey in gaming to know that some games do educate us valuable skills for solving global issues. I grew up on those video games. It wasn’t after 5 years of playing SimCity 4 & 5 that I’ve discovered I’ve been learning to solve problems, plan ahead, and manage finances. How else could I’ve known that being 20 million dollars in debt could be problematic for the future of my city?

My point is, there’s always that one game where people spend hundreds of hours into before realizing they’ve learned something valuable. Those are the games I want everyone to try for themselves.

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