Global Well-Being


Obstacles to Global Well-Being

  • Profiteering is respected instead of prosecuted
  • Those who can help, don't
  • Those who want to help, can't
  • Helplessness towards the plight of others is carefully taught to every new generation


We believe that having a sense of Global Well-Being can only be experienced by those who are engaged in improving the lives of others.  When you make plans, spend time and money, and put your own life on hold to meet the needs of people in a far away place, you will feel that sense of Global Well-Being.

We must be taught to pour our attention out and let it flow like water to the lowest and poorest places in the world.  We must offer our time, talents, skills and labor to global projects.  These projects will seek to eliminate poverty and illiteracy and establish well-being for all.



How does involvement in a global program like impact your sense of global well-being?

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  1. Being in a global program is important on a personal level because people who are involved feel like heroes, because they are doing something for the good of mankind. While people who were malnourished and were depressed now feel cured, happy, thankful, safe, and connected with the rest of the world. In conclusion, being involved in a global program makes everyone feel they have value on a personal level. Like the slogan, where belonging starts, corruption ends.

  2. A global program like this tower might cause the volunteers to have a purpose, an effect, and a sense of self worth. If our world was a human body, and if each cell was a person or family, and we worked together, we would live long and prosper. If we help the world and those living in it, we will all feel the benefits on our personal well-being.

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