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Online Education for Global Well-Being

Envisioning Sustainable Survival and Highest Well-Being of Our Planet Together

We offer online education for young people to gain problem solving skills with a global perspective. We gamify the program by awarding points. It is our hope to interrupt the devastation of planet earth by developing young leaders who can ensure a brighter future.  We encourage our students to envision ways to bring about the highest and greatest possible outcomes for planet earth.

We have 7 elements that we focus on to bring about highest well-being and global well-being. These include 1-individual survival, 2-body, 3-mind, and 4-spirit, 5-family, 6-community building and 7-the collective survival of all humanity.

We include videos, online discussions, online courses with books, workbooks, and music. Our goal is to inspire the conscious community to remain hopeful and to work together with us to teach their children how to continually find solutions to the problems that challenge us as a species. We collect research and are interested in anything pertaining to the survival and highest well-being of our species.

7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We have paired 7 of our gravest global concerns with our plans to address them.


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Innovative Co-op


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Education for
Avoidable Diseases


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and Protecting
Inalienable Rights


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Through Compassion Training


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to contribute, plan, design,
and build Arc 7


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Harmony with Nature,
Abundance for All

We are forming teams to address these 7 global concerns.

Which aligns closest with your life purpose?

We are the Conscious Community.  We are the Sleeping Giant that is awakening. We gather for think tanks that will change the world.   If not us, then who?  We reach for HIGHEST WELL-BEING and GLOBAL WELL-BEING at the same time, because they are one and the same.  Join us as we ascend to the highest version of ourselves.  Join us to plan, design and build solutions for our top global concerns.

Leaders of the Well-Being Movement

We have collected videos from youtubers who demonstrate self motivated, self authorized leadership. These leaders are from all walks of life converging upon the same conclusions at the same time; that global well-being is only possible if we choose to get onto a different path.

These leaders no longer want to be a "cog in the wheel" of a monstrous economic machine that flattens like a steam roller. They instead want to rise up to become what they were put on this earth to be.  They each in their own way dream of a socio-economic governance system that thrives on human greatness instead of human suffering. Not the “New World Order” but the "Conscious Community."

Inventors and Innovators

  • We believe we have found some of the brightest minds on YouTube.
  • We chose videos that would lay the foundation for well-being on all 7 levels.
  • We chose youtube videos that demonstrate the cutting edge thinking around the world.
  • Get ready for these innovators to blow your mind.
  • Post comments below each video and get the discussion going!
  • Next, let's find these innovators and bring them into the discussion.

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Why do I need to get certified to join a team?

Imagine an orchestra with the finest musicians on earth coming together to play the most elegant and captivating piece ever written.  Even the most experienced and gifted musicians will need sheet music with clear annotations where each instrument was expected to play.  They will have to study the music and come to rehearsal where the conductor will express a vision for the mood and the nuanes the orchestra will be reaching for throughout their future performances.

The 7 Teams of Arc 7 will be made up of gifted and talented people from all walks of life and all fields of expertise, yet they will still need to study the plan, know the objectives, and understand the order in which each objective will be addressed.