Gluten Free

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Meals for the Week in a variety of ethnic themes.

We bring you Food for Well-Being Meal Starters. 

Then you are free to build out to satisfy all diet preferences:
vegans, meat-eaters, gluten free, low-calorie, fat-free, low-sodium .

Whole Foods

Veg 7 Delivery offers healthy meals that are entirely gluten free. Each meal is complete without the addition of gluten-based items such as bread or tortillas.

The rest of the family might have breads while the gluten sensitive eaters are given many wonderful gluten-free choices of the same theme. When we say our Gluten Free Meals are gluten-free you know without doubt that they are because when a chef starts with whole foods and simply adds seasonings and simmers, you know that your meal is gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sodium, sugar-free, fat-free and absolutely no colors, MSG, preservatives or any other food additive that are causing so many diet-related illnesses.

Can you get the same guarantee from any restaurant or grocery store?


Gluten Free Meals

Gluten is the generic name for a certain protein found in wheat, barley, rye and products made with these grains.






baked goods,


products labeled “whole-grain”

products labeled “wheat-free.”

Be aware that “wheat-free” does NOT guarantee gluten free because other grains contain gluten.  If the product is free of gluten it will say "gluten-free".

With deceptive labeling practices I no longer fool myself into believing that reading the words on a package makes me a conscious shopper.

The only way to know what you are putting on your dinner table is to make it yourself or have a Personal Chef from Veg 7 Delivery cook it for you right in front of your eyes in your own kitchen.

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