Heal Africa

Hello everyone,

Am Joy from

Uganda Ggaba

We want to HEAL AFRICA

Watch the video!

I have a big family.

We live together in one place.

This is the boy’s side.

This is the girl’s side.

These boys are in high school.

They know two languages!

Watch the video!

They love music

and soccer balls and hoodies.

And some of them have

iPhones with earbuds.

We eat well.

Lots of corn flour…

… and vegetables, and fruit;

bananas, mangos, avacados, eggplant,

We buy them at the market …

… near Lake Victoria.

We are a family of 35 women and children.

We teach dance to the children who are less privileged young people in our community.

We teach them traditional African dances.

We use music and arts to support the dreams of young super stars …

helping them to

discover their potential.

This boy below is Jayson.

He is the youngest member of the family.

He is big and strong!

He lost his mother during childbirth.

Watch his video!


Help us build this Uganda charity orphanage a new home.

Your donations will help us provide online education, coaching, and support for these members and will also fund their projects.

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