Heal Toxic Relationships

Have you ever noticed that there are no parenting classes required in life until a family has already split up? And there are no marriage classes to prepare you for a long-term marriage until you are ready to get a divorce.

Learn How to Build Good Relationships

Compassion Training is the concept that in every moment we are making choices, both consciously and unconsciously.  While it appears to be different choices in a variety of circumstances, in reality it is always just one choice, again and again.  Join us to learn what the one choice is and how this knowledge will impact your relationships.

Compassion training prepares you for good parenting.

  • Raising a family
  • Planning marriage
  • College student preparing for a good relationship
  • High school student preparing for a good relationship
  • Children learning at an early age how to have good relationships

Parents Teach their Children

We believe that to make real changes in the future of planet earth we must re-think our plan for training the rising generation. The most important skill we must learn is maintaining good relationships. This will lead to highest well-being and impact global well-being

Toxic Males – Have you been accused of being “toxic” and don’t understand why people see you that way? Come learn how to make a few small changes to your mindset that will develop and maintain good relationships, and improve your life in every way.

Make the world a better place!

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Everyone Can Benefit From Compassion Training

Those who enroll will gain awareness and appreciation of the extreme impact good relationships or toxic relationships have on our lives, our health, and our wellbeing. Nothing matters more when it comes to happiness, that knowing how to build good relationships.

If you have you been asking yourself, “How can I change my life for the better? What will bring lasting life transformation? How can I heal my relationships?” you are not alone! Millions of people are asking themselves the same questions right now. There is no quick fix. It is a mindset that takes weeks or months, depending on how fast you learn.

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