Workshop 7: Heal Humanity

Become the Producer instead of the Consumer

The answer to the world’s problems as well as our own is to decentralize everything and take back control of everything we need for survival.  In so doing, we have plenty to share rather than staying in constant state of “treading water” to stay afloat. 

When we choose to develop an arcology economic system that produces far more than can be used by those who live in the arcology, we can begin to make plans to expand our sights to reach outside the community.  We can set community goals to build a duplicate arcology in an impoverished place in the world, we can export our abundance where it will do the most good.  Most of us would share our excess if we were in fact producing something we could share.  The most important transition is for each individual to "produce" something to share.

In today’s advanced world, how is it possible to for so many people starving to death when there are plenty of seeds to plant for survival?  The ground will always produce as long as we have seeds. We no longer have to wait for rain as our forefathers once did since we have the technology to drill wells or harvest water from the moisture in the air.  Owning seeds means that there is no such thing as food shortage.  Why can’t starving people be given seeds that will produce the food they need?

Owning such a large supply of foods in my own home storage caused me to imagine things I had never thought of before, like feeding the poor and needy. When I read about how such a small amount of rice can keep a starving child alive, then I realized that I could keep a number of people alive with my buckets of food. I stopped worrying if I might have too much food stored, more than my little family could ever eat. I became less concerned about storing “too much” food but instead began to figure out how and where I can store more, and how I could inspire you to do the same.  With all of the uncertainty and economic upheavals the world is experiencing at this time in history, many opportunities in the future will obviously arise to feed hungry people. This plan might save many lives; perhaps our own.  





Do you think you can become the produce instead of the consumer?

What might be an obstacle in your own life?

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