Project 4 – Healthy Breads

Healthy Breads Cookbook

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Project 4 and 5:

Whole Grains and Veggie Meat

Healthy Bread and Veggie Meat

eating pizzaLet’s face it.  America loves pizza, burgers and subs!

Yet these foods are high in fats and carbohydrates and filled with the fatty meats that causes weight gain, contributes to heart disease, cancer and diabetes at younger and younger ages!


Why not learn to make these favorites out of whole foods that improve health, elevate energy and reduce the risk of health problems?  Let’s create a “Healthy Cheat Day”.

As much as Americans try to avoid “carbs” they still find bread is a large part of their calorie intake.  When you make your bread from whole grains instead of white flour you increase the food value by 150 times. Then continue to Project 5 to learn how to make veggie meat that actually improves your health! Favorites like pizza, subs and hamburgers center on a high-carb, white flour crust or bun devoid of nutritional value. The calories are empty and actually cause more harm than good in your body.

Healthy Breads Playlist

Healthy Breads Cookbook

Improve the Nutritional Value by 150 Times!

With homemade bread added to our Meals for the Week we can increase the nutritional value of some of America’s favorite meals and feed our household from our grains that store for long periods of time.  You might not want to have bread for every meal, but you have the option.  For instance, you might add chalupas to Monday Mexican, Naan to Tandoori Tuesday, Buns for your Veggie Burgers on Western Wednesday, and so on. There is a bread suggestion in each of the Healthy Dinners; Meals for the Week.

In Project 4 we will re-make these three favorites, pizza, subs and hamburgers, with our won whole grain versions by replacing unhealthy crust or buns with healthy.  Even if you pile it with animal products and high-calorie condiments they will still be 150 times better for you than the original that American’s eat every day.

Project 4 : Healthy Breads

Cooking with Whole Grains

Find whole grains such as wheat, quinoa, brown rice, basmati rice, oat groats and more. Grind them yourself for the highest quality breads possible. We suggest having six grains in your collection to make Ezekiel bread and other grain recipes.

Suggested Grains: Hard Wheat, Quinoa, Oats, Millet (polenta), Barley and Spelt.

grinderWheat Grinder

Grind wheat fresh for whole grain bread making with the . -Kitchen Mill. Under $120


Continue to grind wheat for fresh bread even when the power is out. – Hand Grinder. Under $65

kneaderMixer with Dough Kneading Arm

Global – starting under $750.

Planning on making a lot of bread?

Look at these industrial sized mixers with 2-gallon bowls!

A 2-gallon bowl allows you to make six loaves at a time.

A loaf-sized ball of dough makes a pizza crust, a sub-sandwich bun or a batch of pitas.

Global – This mixer can handle the needs of ten families or more!


Some of America’s favorite meals start with a lump of dough: Pizza, sub sandwiches, calzones, chalupas, pitas, gyros, sandwiches, buns for hamburgers and hotdogs, breakfast toast, French Toast, bread for stuffing. to name a few. Replacing white bread with whole wheat bread can change your health and your energy level in a big way.

When I chose the recipes for this cookbook series I made the assumption that most people who are making this leap into whole foods will have one or more loved ones who are somewhat resistant. To make the transition from junk foods to whole foods a little smoother, we chose America’s favorite foods but learned to make them from whole foods. This cookbook includes instructions to make your meals from scratch–and it’s not that hard!  You can make incredibly healthy meals that your family will love.


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