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Healthy Breakfast Cookbook

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Whole Grain Mixes

Healthy Breakfast Delivery

wafflesWhole Grains to Start the Day Right
Do you really believe that the sugary cereals the manufacturers are passing off as a “healthy breakfast” is truly what Mother Nature provided for us to eat? Can we live without boxed pancake mix or packaged frozen waffles? Yes, we can!


Project 2: Healthy Breakfast
– Challenge 2: Replace unhealthy breakfast foods with healthy foods .
– Action Step 2: Make whole grain waffles, pancakes, crepes and muffins. Make granola and yogurt.
– Shopping List 2: Powdered ingredients for making whole grain mixes including whole wheat flour, rolled oats, quinoa, honey powder, vanilla powder, milk, egg and butter replacements.
– Result 2: Have homemade waffles and muffins in the freezer and serve homemade yogurt with your homemade granola.

Healthy Breakfast Videos

My goal is to cook from scratch for every meal, but realistically I am too busy. I don’t have time to start from scratch with every meal every single day. I am committed to cooking from scratch, but I want to eliminate as many steps as possible. This will make time for other important things in my day. For this reason I developed several Quick Mixes that require nothing but water to make a nutritious meal in minutes. They are easy enough for even a beginning cook or a child to use without help. My husband and children use these mixes every day, leaving me free to do other things. You will find a system of Quick Mixes in the following pages, but first we have to gather and organize the necessary ingredients.

Quick Mixes
Quick Mixes use the powdered form of wet ingredients. I searched for egg powder, honey powder, vanilla powder, milk powder, butter powder, tomato powder and cheese powder. After experimenting and designing many Quick Mixes, I purchased all the dried ingredients for each recipe in bulk to last for the year or more. I put each ingredient into small, matching containers so that they could fit in my small kitchen and I set up the refill containers in the basement. This eliminated the disorganized mess of bags and baggies that accumulated in my cupboard as I bought powdered foods in their original packaging. The next step was to put them in one Baker’s Rack to make the system much more efficient.

I labeled the containers so that everyone in the family could easily find what they wanted. I grouped them into the “Breakfast Bin” “Snack Bin” and “Dinner Bin”. I labeled each container with easy preparation instructions so that my family could use them without my help. Now cooking from scratch is efficient and fast. Just “having” the food wasn’t enough. Labeling and grouping the food was better, but not quite usable. Mixing up Quick Mixes ahead made it do-able. But the final step that pulled it all together was to put the labeled containers in a Baker’s Rack with the recipe label on the side of each Quick Mix which made cooking from scratch really work.

To add variety to our healthy breakfasts we bought other whole grains beyond whole wheat including quinoa, barley, spelt, steel cut oats and rolled oats. These carbohydrates start the day with the energy we need to do well at school and at work.
Many of my customers reported great success at setting up My Whole Foods Kitchen by starting with their Quick Mix Set Up first, then branching into the other projects later.

By getting their Quick Mixes combined and ready to use, healthy breakfast became very simple and inexpensive. The Quick Mix set up includes all of the powders required to make a variety of meals that your family will love. The powders used to create the Quick Mixes include egg, milk and butter replacements and honey powder.

Organic vanilla powder is one specialty powder that is very important to my family. It makes everything taste so good! We found an organic source of vanilla powder. If you try to buy vanilla powder at a local specialty store it will cost anywhere from $20 a pound and above and chances are it will not be organically grown. If ten families invested in a canister, it would be more than enough to make the Quick Mixes for all ten families for the year.

We started with the most basic Quick Mixes so that the start-up preparation tasks were as simple as possible. Set up these basic mixes and you might never need any others! Once you find you are fully using the basic mixes in this cookbook, you might want to explore more Quick Mix recipes from other cookbooks and add them to your collection. However, these are all we have ever used and we have never felt the need to go find more because they are so basic and so versatile. By gathering the items on the Ingredients list you will be able to make every mix in this cookbook. This is how my family and many others have been able to eliminate dependence upon the local grocery store.

On several occasions I gathered a group of people to make Quick Mixes at my house. I put the large cans of powders in a row and put a 3×5 card in front of each one saying how much to add of that ingredient. They went down the line, scooping each powdered and dried ingredient into a gallon baggie. I charged them $5 for each mix which is more than enough to cover the cost of the ingredients. This is one way to buy as a group, get them all set up, only investing in one Quick Mix set up and have a lot of fun doing it.

Good and Bad “Carbs”
Bread made from white flour is packed with calories but stripped of nutrition, causing more harm than good. Replacing white flour with whole grain flour improves your diet by more than 150 times, but will not necessarily cause you to lose weight. Starving nations around the world survive on very small servings of rice, millet or other starch because they carry so much nutritional value in such a small, inexpensive serving. This is good news for them and bad news for we who live in affluent nations and have more calories than we can ever hope to burn in a day. For this reason you hear many experts say that we must stay away from “starches” or “carbs” for lunch and dinner if we want to maintain a healthy weight. Small servings of whole grains for breakfast is all we need to maintain health.


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