Healthy “Cheat Day”

Our Saturday Strategy:

eating pizzaA¬†‚Äúcheat day‚ÄĚ is when we stop counting carbs and calories. Pizza is the¬†American favorite, but these fast food solutions to a quick meal¬†are a dietary nightmare with too many calories, too many carbs, too much salt, too much fat, unhealthy animal products, and crust made from white flour that has been stripped of all nutritional value!

Our strategy is to turn this favorite meal around by using whole grain crust, homemade Marinara Sauce and veggie meat to multiply the nutritional value of these favorites by more than 150 times!  The carbs and calories are still high, but the nutrition makes it a much better choice than your typical pizza.

Pizza with Cheese is not vegan, but made with healthy whole grain crust and veggie meat is a super-healthy alternative. This is one way we have been able to continue the Healthy Meal Plan for so long and plan to continue for the rest of our lives. ¬†Don’t worry, we get back on track for Simple Sunday.


The Diet’s Day Off !

Just one day a week we choose not to count carbs or calories. We call it Saturday Strategy because this is our strategy for a diet that will last a lifetime not just long enough to lose weight and then go back to eating poorly. So often we see fad diets that promise weight loss but they are not sustainable as a lifestyle for the rest of your life. These means that you will return to the original diet you started with that caused your health issues and your weight gain!  Our strategy provides a healthy cheat day but reminds you to get right back on track for Simple Sunday.


I Want It All! Personal Chef Package

For a Healthy Cheat Day, we bring you the components of the meal and you are able to assemble it exactly how you like it with the flexibility to choose the kind of cheese topping you prefer or no cheese at all!  If you have vegans and non-vegans eating at the same table you can let them custom make each pizza just the way they want it.  You supply the cheese or a vegan substitute. Vegans have never had this option with any pizza delivery service before. If you are not vegan, but just like to eat healthy homemade meals, you have the flexibility to top your pizza or subs with real mozzarella cheese or meat toppings.


Healthy Pizza

  • Let each person top their own individual pizzas.
  • Some can use vegan cheese.
  • Some can use veggie meat crumbles.
  • Some can bring their own meat!
  • Some can do veggies only.
  • Gluten sensitive people can put pizza toppings on the Millet Polenta that comes with the package of¬†Vegan¬†Dishes.

6 Individual Vegan Pizzas 

Whole Grain Crusts
Veggie Burger Sausage Crumbles
Homemade Marinara Sauce
Veggie Toppings

-You assemble your pizzas with your own cheese or vegan substitute.

-Bake an hour before you are ready to eat.


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